Where do you buy your Physical Manga from?

Basically ive been trying to use japanese manga as a good way to read.

My problem is that it turns out I actually prefer physical books. I have been trying on my tablet, but honestly I now remember why I only read text stories on it. Comics and manga just are annoying to read on it. Whereas the few souvenir volumes I picked up in Japan years ago are a lot more pleasant to read.

So I was wondering where people order their phsycial manga from if they live in the US. Theres lots of places to fins digital these days, but thought I see what people prefered for physical.

Are there issues with length of time for deliveries?

What stores have the best rates for shipping?

Or are there any things I should think of in advance?

Thank you everyone in advance.


I only have experience through amazon and to Europe, but that didn’t take long and was fine in both price and shipping.

The two commonly mentioned sites are Amazon and CD Japan


Recommend ordering from kinokuniya


Yep. I used to use hon.to until they stopped shipping abroad :frowning: With either cdjapan or amazon.jp, shipping will get cheaper if you order more volumes at once. Check the shipping-price calculators on both sites (on amazon you have to start the checkout process to find the shipping cost; cdjapan has a calculator widget) because depending on destination and number of volumes, which is cheapest will vary.

i usually use mandarake, pretty cheap tbh (apart from shipping but thats to be expected) also they ship rly quick


Resources for Starting to Read Japanese Content has a section on how and where to buy physical books.


I live in Europe and buy my manga from verasia.eu


How long has delivery and the like been for you? I’ve had them on my bookmarks for quite a while now, but still haven’t ordered from them.

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Around a week or so


That is surprisingly fast ^^ Will probably be putting in an order then, thanks for the quick response :smile_cat:


This is gonna sound odd but check thriftbooks.com . Like most used bookstores, their selection is hit-or-miss but if you just want to browse around and pick up some inexpensive stuff to read they’re a good option. Plus the shipping is really cheap ($1.50/book, free over $15).

Kinokuniya of course, though I haven’t tried ordering online from them. (Shipping is $8/order or free over $50).

AbeBooks.com used to be a great place to look for second-hand manga but I don’t know what things are like now (all else being equal I try to go the not-owned-by-Amazon route first)

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You can always try bookfinder.com, it mostly sticks to the larger bookstores but it does provide a good price comparison. I recommend searching by isbn code if you can.

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I live in Europe and buy all my manga either from amazon jp or mandarake.
Both ship with DHL and I usually receive my order within 3 days.
Mandarake can be really cheap if you buy full sets, even with shipping you pay less than retail price and they are always in excellent condition.


amazon or kinokuniya

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Today I bought some used Manga from some of my favorite non-mainstream mangakas through a proxy shipping service. The mangas were from mercari but bought through 8mart. The mangas + service fee cost me like 35 euros. According to the 8mart support, the shipping will probably cost me around 75€ :sweat_smile:

I wanted to try it but not sure this was a smart move. Overall my purchase contains 36 volumes. Full sets of Mx0, Zetman, and Pretty Face.

If you’re into buying from a physical location check if there’s a Mitsuwa nearby! Mitsuwa has Kinokuniya section within the market where you can browse a large manga selection while looking and all the cool pens, pencils, and stationary.

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Manga-republic or eBay

Seconding @denji here. Mandarake hands down. I bought used but they all look new to me to be honest. Shippping was pretty fast to the USA, a week maybe less than a week? It’s awhile but I remember it not taking more than a week. And this was during the height of COVID. Hope this helps. :nerd_face:


i buy used too and theyre good as new

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i haven’t bought any online but i do recommend seeing if there’s a local kinokuniya where you are. they have a website too so ig you could also order online from them!

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