Where do y'all read Japanese manga ar\t

I heard Karakai Jouzu no Takagi san was a good entry point into learning Japanese. The anime helped me a lot with vocabulary and sentence structure. So I was just wondering where I could read the manga in Japanese, besides paying the awful import cost.


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I personally buy and read manga/books digitally on BookWalker. One of the pros of buying digital manga is that there’s no import cost, hehe. Anyway, seems like the manga you’re looking for is available on the site I mentioned:

Hopefully, people will post more suggestions for you.


I can second Bookwalker, there is also a thread on the forum here where you can find Freebies on Bookwalker.

Other than that I really like to read physical manga and I just imported my 2nd batch from mandarake. They sell used manga for a cheaper price (though due to the ongoing pandemic not all shipping options are available).

You can always check out the ultimate resource thread with all kinds of information!


3rd bookwalker :grin:


Bookwalker 4th.

I also use the Japanese Kindle store. And I purchase physical books from Amazon JP and CD Japan.

I buy kindle manga on amazon but man the quality is poopy. Found scans online that are better…
I still buy kindle though cause I don’t like illegal stuff but I wish I could find better quality cause some kanjis are hard to read.
(I’d like to stick to e-ink cause my eyes are sore from being on a screen 24/7)

And you don’t even pay VAT (if you buy from abroad Japan)!

Yep, Bookwalker is where I read manga (and novels) too.


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I’ve had success on ebay. I just bought some volumes at slightly less than retail (~4 dollars each), with no shipping costs, from Japan. There were no import duties as far as I was aware, and only a state income tax on my side. I’m sure in Japan itself these 20 years old volumes could be picked up for pennies, but the value I get out of it certainly justifies paying this price. The price of anime on the other hand is totally unjustified in every case…


I mostly buy digital copies on Kobo, sometimes Amazon

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