Physical Manga volumes - where to purchase online, shipping abroad

Hi all!
Are you aware of any place where you can buy online PHYSICAL manga volumes from Japan? I mean, obvious one is, but I dont need new ones. Some time ago I was able to buy at BOOK OFF volumes for about 100yen per piece. Buying new is usually 7 times more, so I’d rather buy used ones.

I have visited Book Off webpage, but I havent seen they are capable to send abroad. In that case, is there any place where you would recommend to find some used mangas? If there is anything like BOOK OFF and ships abroad that would be my go to place, but I havent find anything like that yet…

Many of us had good experience with Mandarake.


Where are you at? Here in Sydney, for example, we’ve got a Japanese second-hand bookshop called Hondarake, though admittedly the range can be a little hit-and-miss. Maybe there’s something similar where you are.


I’ve used Buyee and FromJapan to buy from Yahoo!Japan Auctions and ship to the US. If you’re just buying individual books then the fees and domestic shipping can add up but if you purchase in sets then it’s usually not too bad.

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@Belthazar - I’m based in Poland where second hand shops are rather rare for Japanese manga. Thats why I am searching for an online solution :slight_smile: I’ll check Hondarake assuming they send to EU :slight_smile:

@d-hermit - thanks a lot! For an older title I see prices can be very attractive (as low as 250yen/volume). It;s still not 100/piece but its a lot better than a new one from Amazon. I’ll definetely check it out, thanks a lot!

@Sareth - thank you! I’ll check this one as well! :slight_smile:


I’ve bought mangas from Japan using Buyee, but it’s super expensive depending on the country. As I live in Brazil, I had only two shipping methods available, but actually was only one. They don’t send packages using Japan Post, so I paid DHL or what they call Buyee Air Delivery (even though the site shows surface mail is available to Brazil) + a domestic shipping fee, and it cost me and arm and a leg. :sweat: Using Buyee, you can buy new manga/novels/artbooks on, Yahoo Auctions and Rakuten.

If you don’t mind buying secondhand manga, Rakuten has several sellers. I’ve bought a Hirunaka no Ryuusei set with 13 volumes for 1,953yen and the first three volumes of Citrus for 398yen, then paid 300 yen of buying service fee. Since I got a 5% discount coupon the day before, the total I’ve paid was US$23.90. The package arrived at the Buyee warehouse in 3 days, and then I paid DHL + domestic shipping fee to ship out my manga. Shipping costs more than the products :expressionless: Well, it was my first experience, now I’m looking for alternatives.

There’s Tenso, it’s not a proxy service like Buyee, you buy items on Japanese shops using their address in Japan and they ship the packages to your country. Usage fees varies depending on the country.

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I personally use they ship to europe relatively quickly and the books are always in great shape so I would recommend from my experience taking a look at it if you’re looking to buy physical volumes. I’m not sure of the prices for other countries but the book in itself cost almost the same it does in shops you only pay fees and dhl can deliver in 2-4 days with a fee of ~20€ for france so it might be in the same range for Poland or other european countries.

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I use for small number of volumes, and Mandrake when I order whole series

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