Best place to buy graded readers?

Hello new friends. In your experience, what’s the best/most affordable place to purchase graded readers? Amazon?

I like having physical copies, so I prefer to stay away from apps. (I hate being on screens sun up to sun down!)

Arigatou minna-san! [Maybe sent from my work computer, which does not have a japanese keyboard]


Definitely check out Amazon JP. I used to order from CDJapan but with shipping it was way more expensive and slower. If you’re in a country with rigorous (and expensive) customs then it’s definitely worth using Amazon as they’ll deal with the process themselves.

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I’ve ordered most of mine through amazon. There are several options through US Amazon. I’ve gone through OMGjapan, but you’ll deal with some of the same hang ups from cdjapan with them. Maybe not as bad but I couldnt really say.

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Amazon JP almost always has the best price once you consider shipping. You’ll pay the regular street price for the books, minutes the consumption tax!, and shipping (to the US) is very fast and inexpensive.

If you aren’t in the US, then I have no idea.

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Amazon Japan is the cheapest (price and shipping)

CDJapan. I ordered also some other books that I planned using later together with the series so shipping is less per book.
(I am living in Europe)

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