Manga in japanese

Does any of you know of any good places where you can read manga in japanese online? I’d really like to try some untranslated ones.

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I think bookwalker sells emanga in Japanese to Western markets. (I’ve not tried it myself.)

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you can try this one -
it also has an app so its very convenient

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Try these:

They both have samples for everything, as well as quite a bit of free stuff. You can read straight in your browser (great for some quick 立ち読み) or in an app, and they sell to any market as far as I can tell, no finagling like via Japanese Kindle.

1 Like sells manga at super reasonable prices and you can read them on your kindle! I buy manga and novels and read like crazy from there!

Yup. Gimme a sec. Okay so I accidentally got resources other than manga, but I’m going to list them all because I already have them open.

  1. Shonen Jump Plus (some free)
  2. Comic It
  3. Comico
  4. Japanese Children’s Stories (with pictures)
  5. Not a manga, but a story (untranslated) with pictures!
  6. A Dozen or So Traditional Japanese Children’s Stories (no pictures?)
  7. List of Free Audiobooks (link is old)
  8. Satori Reader (free and paid - different types of articles, news, stories)

Sorry only the first three meet what you wanted, but maybe others might find the rest of list helpful, hopefully…


You searched ‘raw manga’ already?

I downloaded their Windows app (specifically Windows 10) and ordered a free manga. But when I try to download the manga I get an error. What version of their app (on which OS) are you using that works?

These are wunnerful!!


Do you have to pay extra if you pay in US dollars?

No. They also do the currency conversion for you.

Thank you!

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Except yes, because they overcharge you with their conversion rate. It’s always cheaper to pay in yen and let your bank do the conversion, even with the 3% foreign transaction fee that many banks charge.

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Okay, yes, you have to pay a conversion rate. I assumed they meant “extra” as in they made the base product price higher. As to the second point, I just ran the numbers and Well Fargo’s conversion rate right now is ~103.05 Yen to the Dollar and Amazon offers ~104.53 Yen to the Dollar. So for me, it’s cheaper to use Amazon not my bank. Not that that makes much of a difference because the difference is around 1.5%. For the ~118,000 yen order I just placed the difference was less than 15 bucks on an over $1,100 order.


And I thought my $150 orders were a lot!


What’s sad is that’s not even my most expensive Amazon Japan order.!:sweat_smile:

I hope this thread is still alive.

Could I pay with my international credit card in this site directly? I want to attempt to read Gantz in japanese and I cant find an easier site:

Generally speaking, credit cards will work on any site. (At least for cards issued in the US; I can’t speak to cards issued in other countries.) I’d recommend checking with the bank that issued your credit card or just trying and seeing if it works.

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I use No restrictions on foreign credit cards (like the JP Kindle store :cry:), and you can read most of their manga in the browser.

They also have a ton of free stuff that updates every week (be careful, some of the covers can be risque). Some examples:

In addition to all the free stuff they frequently have coupons for 20% off your whole order. Can’t recommend them more highly.

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Hmm? I’ve used multiple U.S. credit cards on the Japanese Kindle store. What kind of restrictions have you encountered?