Where can I study potential forms and せ meaning causing someone to do something?

Previously WaniKani mentioned kanji ending in hiragana う being verbs and ending in い being adjectives which was pretty self explanatory, but now potential forms and せ are popping up and I was wondering if there is a list of things like this that I will see on WaniKani and an in-depth explanation of them?

Thank you so much!

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WaniKani is going to show you a lot of different parts of speech, including a lot of different kinds of verbs! (Potential, transitive/intransitive, etc) If you’re already studying grammar outside of WK these verb types will naturally come up in time as you follow a textbook, app, Bunpro, etc.

If you still want to look up specific things like potential verbs, something like Tae Kim’s Guide should be fine. To my knowledge there isn’t a WaniKani-specific list, since the parts of speech you learn here aren’t unique to WK if that makes sense. It sounds like you might benefit from looking into more about Japanese grammar as a whole? You’ll learn that step-by-step as you study grammar, but you can always just google whatever pops up that’s new to you if you’d like to know sooner!

tldr, I personally wouldn’t use WK as a jumping off point for studying grammar points, like verb types. Like you said, they mention things about verbs and adjectives, but there’s a lot more to learn! :smile: Things might click a little easier/faster if you study grammar alongside using WK. (You might already be doing this! Apologies if I’m assuming incorrectly.)

Like words ending in い aren’t always adjectives, but perhaps you’ve already looked into i adjectives and na adjectives


Thank you! I’ve been studying using Genki I, but I’m not very far and it has only touched on う,る, and irregular verbs so far. WaniKani goes much faster, so you’re right, I should definitely speed up my grammar learning! I just looked up Tae Kim’s Guide and it seems like a fantastic resource, so I think I will pick that up as well.


Great! And definitely don’t feel pressured to go faster than you feel like you should. If you feel comfortable at the pace you’re at, don’t worry about it!

I meant more like don’t feel like you have to learn more complex grammar points before you naturally reach them in your grammar studies. If you want to sort of skip ahead to better understand WK words, that’s obviously fine, but just be wary of putting the cart before the horse!

Bunpro is a grammar SRS site that a lot of people on here use as well. It is paid, but they have a free trial if you want to try it out.

Good luck!

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Potential verbs is the very first thing you learn in Genki II


That makes sense and I got a trial BunPro account, I’m liking it already :smile: thanks!

Oohh, thank you!! :smile:

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