Remembering verb endings and connecting hiragana?

Hi! I am new to the forums and this is my first post, so if this is not in the right place please tell me!

Since I have started WaniKani, I have been trying to remember the verb endings, like -seru or -geru, added on to the ended of Kanji making them verbs. I have also been trying to remember hiragana mixed throughout the kanji or added to the end of kanji forming nouns.

Usually I use some kind of mnemonic I think of to help me connect the kanji, the meaning of the verb/noun, and the attached hiragana. I do this in the hope of whenever I think of a verb, for example to speak, I would think of the verb including both the kanji and the ending of -su.

So, my question is, are you supposed to be doing this and is it helpful in the end? Is it supposed to just come naturally with the help of the SRS and just seeing the word often? Is it helpful for when I start using KameSame or KaniWani?

Thank you! :smile:

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Have you started studying grammar yet? What word endings (generally) correspond with what parts of speech would be clearer if you study and practice grammar.


Nope, I have not really started grammar yet. Trying to get at least a small kanji and vocab foundation beforehand. So, it would probably all make sense when one started grammar? I’m assuming I shouldn’t take much note of the hiragana while using WaniKani, then?

Well, I’d strongly recommend you start learning grammar as soon as possible, so that the pieces start coming together.

You should, because without the hiragana you’d have a different word (or potentially something that’s not a word at all). They aren’t just hiragana attached to kanji. You may not fully understand the nuance or parts of speech until you start learning grammar, but I think looking at them as words should help at least a bit.


Ok, so I should probably continue taking note of the hiragana used, but should get on grammar to help me fully understand what’s going on.

Thank you for your help! Have a good day :smiley:


I’ve used KaniWani from level 1, so for me I remembered the okurigana because of KaniWani. Many words have fallen in SRS there only because I forgot the okurigana :sweat_smile:

You could try reading about transitive vs intransitive verbs as a starting point, IMO most okurigana troubles come from confusing them.

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Oh interesting, I am planning on starting KameSame or KaniWani when I get my first burned so hopefully that will help reinforce any information on grammar I get in terms of okurigana (so… now I know what that word means).

Thanks for the tip on transitive and intransitive verbs! From the little I’ve seen, it does look confusing, so I’ll make sure to check that out.

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