Best way to study with wani kani

So I just signed up and Im trying the 3 free levels, and I understand that its slow in the beginning, Im fully aware of that fact, So lets just get that out of the way. Im mainly asking what do I due in between the times Im waiting to do more quizzes and reviews? When I have the time I go over my note book and re read the kanji with both the on and kun readings looking at a few vocab examples with how the kanji is used. Do I keep doing this until I have enough kanji and radicals and vocab to keep me busy with reviews?

Also for the vocab what should I be studying exactly?
Just read the meaning too the vocab and move on? I feel like thats so much to try and cram into studying, But Ive never been good at it so Im probably just lost.

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During the downtime between lessons and reviews, I study some grammar, since wanikani doesn’t really teach that (and you need it to actually understand stuff you read). But it’s up to you to study grammar now or wait until you know more kanji/vocab.

For vocab, there’s no secret to it. Read the meaning, look at the word and try to find a way it makes sense (if the mnemonic isn’t good enough). Even if it may look like you won’t remember it later, that’s precisely what the SRS is there for. However, it’s just as important to practise vocab the other way around, that is, translating from eng -> japanese. There is a site called kaniwani where you can do that, and it even links to your wanikani account.


I forgot to mention, but I also write down every kanji I learn. At least for me, this helps a lot with retention. Just look up the kanji on to see the stroke order

Ah yes I know about jisho :slight_smile: before wankani Id just use the 1000 kanji pdf and start writting them using jisho and put there on and kun meanings next to along with stroke pattern. Would you mind letting me in on some of the grammar techniques or sites youre using to help you? or is it mainly the kaniwani site you use?

Thanks for the help!

Most people start with Genki for grammar. For online sites, take a peek and Tae Kim or Imabi. Or even Maggie sensei.

Check out this link! Really big list of resources

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Pretty much what I was going to say :blush: Thanks

Find the resources that work for you and follow through. I personally like Genki, but it may not be for everyone.

thank you!

Thank you again! Ive heard of all but one of these, and was using tae kim but stopped and started using wani kani only because I wanted to be able to read more kanji and know what Im saying before I started putting into sentences. But when I get back state side Im defiantly purchasing genki and probably enrolling in a japanese language learning course to help me more.

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Good for you. Genki’s supposed to be a decent textbook and you shouldn’t let anyone get in your way of making that purchase.

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If I weren’t on business in korea Id order it now! But things are in play to where I can’t get it in a sensible manner. I looked up the PDF but really do better with physical copies in my hand I feel like.

Maybe sign up for Kaniwani and start learning stuff in the opposite direction? It syncs with your Wanikani account and works the same way, but it asks you vocabulary in English and you enter kana to answer.

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