There issss caaaaakkkkkeee!


You guys kept saying I was crazy. C’mon xyz, there can’t possibly be a city of cake. A city of hopes. A city of dreams. 60 levels isn’t “worth” it. 60 levels of Japanese Hieroglyphics will make you “crazy

Well, I’m here to tell you nonbelievers that not only is there cake oozing from the ceiling, YOU can’t have. It’s all mine. AAALLLLLLL MINE!!! I WILL BATHE IN THIS CAKE. I WILL BATHE LIKE A FRENCH MISTRESS.

P.S. 60 levels of Wanikani may have cost me my sanity,

P.P.S. Worth it


WOOT! Congratulations! :3


congrats!! :tada::sparkles:




Enjoy the cake! :cake::durtle_love::sparkles:


I see no cake. (ok @fiertia beat me) I guess I’ll help.

You done it! :confetti_ball:

but seriously, good work :sparkling_heart:


At first I read “you bone it”. 笑笑


Damn stop making me dream of that wonderful cake world. Leave some cake to me I’m coming as fast as I can.


The Crabigator’s secret guilty treat

I’m letting you know so you can make an offering also also get to level 60 asap

Disclaimer - I have never met the Crabigator. Or spoken to them. I cannot be responsible if milkbones cause allergic reaction. Offer at your own risk


Never knew the crabinator was eating milk bone. Btw what does the crabinator eat. Meat? Kanji? Cake? Maybe he is so strong that he does not need to eat.


Our tears


I don’t believe you.


It’s P. P. S. Not P. S. S. :sweat_smile:


I don’t know what your talking about

changes before anyone notices


concrabulations !!!



It’s “you’re” not “your” :sweat_smile:


Now thats just mean :wink:


I could go all day :joy:


Welcome Congrats