When you reach Lvl60..?


To give you a proper answer, you get nothing but the kanji knowledge you paid to learn. Assuming you didn’t cheat your way to 60 and learn nothing anyway.


I need this teeshirt in my life. Only with a better font, a crabigator and maybe a cake.


At level 60, you will receive one (1) Koichi-tested, Crabigator-approved sense of pride and accomplishment.


A little bird told me they’re working on something
Viet is a little bird


Omg if they do it, I’d wear it during the JLPT I swear to good golly gosh I would. It looks so cute!

Though I like the idea of a black shirt with a gold crown or something. But then again I just like wearing black.


But Darth Vader STILL won’t be unlocked…


Maybe the real treasure is the friends we made along the way…

That’s nice and all but where is my plush or sticker or anything D:


In other words, it’ll probably be ready sometime after etoeto launches.


I love plushies too! I totally second this idea. :slight_smile:


Considering that Koichi said their progress on tshirts was slow back in 2012 I think that’s a safe assumption




We were supposed to make friends ?
Thank god I’ve reset to lvl 3 in January :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Yet I have no clue how to do that.



b-but will they have a size smol enough for me >_>


Otherwise you will have a wanikani dress




I asked Kanae via mail when I reached 60 (not that long ago) she told me this is not happening, they couldn’t find a good manufacturer/drop-shipping service. But they are working on something else.


Wow, thanks for breaking our hearts


My pleasure

I was tired of being the only one crying (?)


Or big enough for me?