When WK discount lifetime subscription again?

I want to purchase a lifetime subscription to continue my progress, but the subscription is too expensive for me. So does anyone when the discount ?


It’s always at the end of the year, so usually starting around December 20th until the first week of January or so.

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I think I missed it.

It ended the fifth. You could try emailing them, might be worth a shot :crossed_fingers:fingers crossed


Yeah, you just did. this actually happened to me when I started using WK. ^^; Try emailing them and just maybe??

Some more thoughts, in the end I never got lifetime. I got the monthly sub at first, then yearly subscription in July?. I held a fast pace throughout my WK journey and once the lifetime opportunity came back the next Christmas, there was simply no need for me to get lifetime. It was quite enough to just use my yearly sub until the end.

I haven’t burned all items (I forget the exact number but I burned over 80% anyway), so I’d say I got plenty out of WK once my sub ended.

And just using yearly + some months extra sub is the cheapest option. So that’s worth thinking about as well. Though, if you don’t think you’ll finish WK after around a year + some extra months…yeah, lifetime quickly becomes the best option.