After 10 years of WaniKani, I was finally able to come

…to my senses!

Studying ON and OFF will not lead you anywhere. Consistency and effort does!

After 10 years of being a member of WaniKani, I was tired of letting my studies go away for a while because of life events. I had to reset so many times due to this. When I was going to finish and reach level 60 once and for all? For the past year, I finally put in the effort to be as consistent as possible to never miss a day no matter the circumstances. Pushing myself and wanting to read more in Japanese was what ultimately work for me.

It’s never too late to reach level 60. For me, it might have taken 10 years and 3 kids later after signing up, but I was able to achieve it. Hope you can do it as well! 負けるな、頑張れ!

Level time progression:

Now, if you’ll excuse me, these heated body pillows won’t hug themselves.


Dang, putting out some real competition here for the world record completion time. I was hoping to get that some time next year, but I might have to slow my pace down just a little bit. That said, I had four kids since I started, so at least I beat you there :wink:

Congratulations on finishing!


Congratulations! :tada:
May that inner flame that burns inside you so brightly – we can see it on your avatar – never fade and always give you energy to keep moving forward! May this great victory be just the first of many victories on your way to mastering Japanese and achieving all your life goals! wricat


Seeing as I joined in 2012, I have some “head start” in being the slowest to completion here. But I hope not to win (well, I hope to reach 60 at some point but…) Congratulations on reaching the first plateau, and good luck on your further studies of Japanese.


It can be tough trying to get reviews done around life events that take a lot of time away from the day! Congrats on the consistency and that you finally made it to level 60! :tada::tada:


Ten years ?!?!? Hold my beer. I think I can beat that.

Anyways, congrats!!!


Dang, I didn’t think WK was around that long. lol
Congrats on making it. Persistence paid off. :partying_face:


none of you have sufficiently dirty minds. i weep


Literally came here to say “Uh you should probably see a doctor and not share that on the internet.”


I’m pretty sure that that joke was the entire point of OP’s title, haha.

Congrats to OP for reaching level 60! It’s an incredible achievement to commit to something a decade ago and actually see it through to the end. Good luck on the rest of your studies!


Congrats OP!

Is it a level 60 thing to see your level time progression? I’m curious about mine…


I was like, “Damn, 10 years is a very long time to finally reach Level 60 …”
But then I realized I joined Wanikani on Aug 7th, 2014, so this year I will be reaching 10 years as well.

I had a few resets as well with all that was happening in life, but wkstats predict I would reach L61 by Apr 5, 2025 and burn everything by Sep 24, 2025.

So here’s to more burnings and more reviews.



Congrats on your success! And may I interest you in the newest pillow model? :durtle_durverted_lvl2: :tada:


You might be surprised… Or not… :innocent:


Gives me hope that I can get back on track… soon…

To get myself back in gear I started with an N5 anki deck - but that was mostly too elementary.

I have switched to an N4 deck, which is about my level at the moment - discovering some new kanji in that deck plus running across plenty that I’ve learned so far with WK.

And I’m slowly inching my way through Genki 2.

My next challenge will be to (finally) take WK out of vacation mode, bite the bullet, and tackle a pile of leftover reviews. From there - the sky’s the limit. Will I get to 60? Stay tuned…

I’ve only been here for about a year, but reading about the fruits of your efforts has certainly encouraged me…

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I had no idea it was possible to level up in three days, I thought a week was the minimum. Amazing stuff.

My memory is way, way too awful to achieve those lofty heights. I will reach level 60 though, someday!


Congrats xD


May I ask you how you divided your day regarding WaniKani?
I’ve been wanting to up my pace recently but I have no idea how.
At the end of every lesson I end up pilling up a bunch of vocab before being able to start the next level.

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I can probably beat that, too!