What's your personal rule for Ignore Answer?

First of all, this discussion is only for people who do use Ignore Answer plugins, if you don’t use it, please don’t start a debate here about the usage.

I’m interested in how people use the plugin.

  • Correcting typos. Seems like a no brainer. you knew the answer.
  • Gave reading on a meaning prompt. Also a no brainer to me, the site even stops you from doing the reverse type of error are easy ones for me, I always correct if I can.
  • Gave wrong answer because you’re on autopilot and visually mapped the word to a very similar word. A bit controversial. On one hand, I can see accepting the punishment as a way to teach you to pay attention. On the other hand, teaching you to pay attention isn’t the purpose of the site and you knew the correct answer. I usually correct those too.
  • Give wrong answer XXXXX but immediately go “Ah no, the right one is YYYY (which is correct)”. This one is weird. I don’t actually know why it happens. I autopilot into XXXX but then literally nanoseconds after seeign the red color i know the right answer. It’s not a case of mistaking the kanji either I think And it’s not like i was torn between XXXX and YYY, not even sure how XXXX was in my mind. These I go half and half. These I usually accept as errors, but sometimes it’s so weird to me when it happens on kanji/words I absolutely know and don’t even know where XXX came from.
  • Give wrong answer but close. I accept the hit
  • Plain wrong answer. I accept the hit.

Interested to know your patterns and decisions


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You can change the location without reposting.

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New thread can be found here: What's your personal rule for Ignore Answer scripts?