What's your funny Mnemonic imagination?


Just now when I learned the Kanji 阿 I noticed that over the time I created my very own “images” of radicals. As many of you will see, the Kanji 阿 contains “Butcher” and “Lip Ring”. Now, a Lip Ring ist quiet straight forward, but I believe a lot of people create or use their individual character for the “Butcher”. Because it’s quiet easy to explain, I thought I’d share my version of "Butcher.

This guy:

It’s a pretty infamous character from the game “Evil Within”, and everyone who’s played this game knows how memorable he is - most of all through those panic inducing fights in small rooms :smiley: .

Now back to where I started: 阿 means “flatter”. So this is what I imagined.

Instead of fighting this guy with weapons, stones or whatever, I started to flatter him on his huge Lip Ring I imagined him wearing through is safeheadthing (the more absurd the better the mnemonic). Thus, he blushed and went all through that “I’m not cute at all - baka” routine and we became great friends.

So that’s one weird imagination for you but one almost unforgetable mnemonic for me :D.

So, what’s you funny or memorable version of a Wanikani Radical?