Whats your enlighten -> burn success rate?

Whether you fail to burn or not depends on you. Personally, I do pretty well at burning, but do have times when I get an annoying number wrong at burn time. You should probably expect plenty of items to go back down to Guru, unless you’re a monster like certain people around here.


It depends on a) How strict you’ve been with your reviewing (i.e. not overriding when you shouldn’t) and b) How much exposure you’ve had to those words outside of WK. There were a couple burns I missed due to them being uncommon words that I never saw outside WK (like 一打 and 走行). I’d say so far I’ve missed maybe 1 in every 50 burns.

My nightmares are the ones I get up to Enlightened, get wrong on Burn so they drop to Guru, but then when I come across them again in a few days I remember getting them wrong, agonize over it for a few seconds berating myself for forgetting how I got them wrong, and then promptly get them wrong again so they drop to Apprentice.

I think I have something from levels 10-20 still hanging around in this cycle from hell.


Based on the stats site, my burn success rate so far is about 92%. But I expect that to go down as I get to burn reviews for higher level items.

I do this so much.

Around 70%, in contrast with other kinds of reviews which is around 90%.

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Noob question: how do you know when a burn opportunity is coming up? Thanks! (Given your level, I guess I shouldn’t expect to see one any time soon)

All your noob questions answered here: I have no idea what I'm doing

Where can I check my burn rate? I looked at all stat pages I could find via google, but none gave my burn rate…

Thanks! I’ve read through most of that content already.

To be more specific, I guess I was wondering if there was a particular userscript or website that gave this user a “watch out, you’ve got burns coming up!” or “careful, this review is a burn!” sort of alert, in the way that http://wk.aincrad.cc/ tells you “You’ve got radical lessons!”. I feel like I’d want a warning to be a little less trigger happy with my enter button on those to double check I got it right :slight_smile:

I don’t know of any userscript that shows burn rate. If you really want to know, you can just record when you get one wrong and total number of burn reviews you got.

Well, you must not have read about the ultimate timeline script which was in the post I linked to you. It will show you what’s coming up to a week in advance. Also, several people have pasted an infographic on timers for when burns come up in general (like 5 months after the lesson). So you can just think 5 months-ish and then that timeline script will show a few days in advance.

Although it probably doesn’t need to be said, it might be worth noting that one shouldn’t look at what the particular items specifically are that are coming up in the timeline, lest you mess up the SRS by peeking and reminding yourself before the review.

I went to my level one radicals (which are all enlightened) and clicked one to check how many days till the next review. (Obviously not an ideal way since you can see the meanings while you are checking the days remaining).


I manually calculated it based on how many items I had in Apprentice/Guru/Master in the early levels (meaning I missed a burn) compared to how many were burned. This is an approximate since there could be early items that never got to Enlightened. And this approach will become less useful later on since items will go back to Enlightened.

@Kpcs, install the userscripts “ultimate timeline” and “item marker”. One of them shows you when you have burn items coming up over the next day or so. They othe one shows an item’s level at the time of review. That is all the spoonfeeding you will get from you. You will have to work out how to install and use those userscripts.

Burn items are pretty hard to miss. I remind you that a burn review happens only after the item has been in enlightened status for FOUR MONTHS. By the time the burn item appears, I would be thinking to myself “I haven’t seen that one for a long time” or “I have never seen that item in my entire life”. Four months is a long time for an item to be not reviewed on WaniKani.

Reorder by SRS / SRS reorder button script.

Thanks to @wunderbunny and to @visceral, both for suggesting the Ultimate Timeline script. I hadn’t yet installed that particular script, but I’ll give it a shot.

And yes, four months is a very long time in WaniKani land! I think that hardest part might be trying to remember the sometimes-silly names for the radicals so long after last seeing them! I’ll find out in due time… :slight_smile:

The Ultimate Timeline userscript is invaluable. It should be a part of the WaniKani platform.

I know it’s hard because we think that a successful review is a reward and that the opposite must be a punishment. Try not to think of a failed review as punishment. It’s better to think of it as feedback. Rewards are great for motivation. Punishment is not.

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