No new burned items?

So, I’m going through about 100 items a day, averaging about 90%, and I’m currently at level 22. I have been at 1502 burned items for over a month, and don’t seem to be getting new items to burn. Is this typical?

Yes, just means that none of your enlightened items are ready yet or you’re getting them wrong…

sometimes I go for a long time without burning anything

If by chance you took a break from lessons for a period of time, that hiccup could also cause a dearth of no burn reviews for a while. If you aren’t using it already, perhaps you should try installing the Ultimate Timeline userscript. Then you could look to see if you have burn reviews clumped together within a week span or so.

I also agree with MasterSenSenpai that there isn’t anything abnormal about your situation, unless you know for sure that you’re getting burn reviews but they aren’t registering when you get them correct. (This could be verified with the above script).

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