What percentage of burn attempts fail?

So I’ve reached the point where my first few levels are starting to burn. I’ve missed very few so far, somewhat surprisingly, but I expect that to change quite quickly as I start burning items past level 5 or so.

Which gets me thinking, what is the “i don’t cheat on burns” burn percentage? By which I mean I will occasionally cheat on non-burn items because I know I’ll see it again and sometimes I just don’t want to see something tomorrow, but I never ever cheat on a burn cause that’s just defeating the purpose of the entire system.

But I wonder. I already have a fair amount of items churning in cycles between Apprentice and Enlightened. And I’m wondering how that will play out into my burn rate. The hope is that the churn just means it will take longer, but that eventually I’ll find success. I have a lifetime, or what’s left of it…


You’d have to be running at least two scripts: one to see the review item level and the other to allow setting it to correct.

I don’t use the former and I only use the latter on mobile, so I don’t really cheat on any items. I’d estimate my burn rate at about 80-90%.

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I’d guess my burn rate is around 60% for things from the higher levels. It’s tough to accept, but after it happens a couple thousand times you realize it’s just part of learning.


There was a third party website that gave the full break down of accuracy at all item levels.
I wanted to check, but I forgot what it’s called.
I’ll try to look around and see if I can find it back.

Edit: Found it!

Edit2: oh, it’s only over the past 60 days…


For the initial levels, I burned at probably 95%. But in the later levels, it’s probably closer to 70.

And that’s okay, a lot of times, a burned Kanji is one you theoretically haven’t seen in four months. If after six months, you forget the reading for 一つ, that’s probably not good, since it is used often in everyday Japanese. If however, you forget a word like 憤り、that’s probably normal!

Also, just because a Kanji is burned doesn’t mean you won’t forget it. I occasionally forget items I burned a year ago. Granted these are few and far between, but I would try not to stress about it, its normal to forget some stuff!


I reached 60 about 2 years ago now, but I’ve kept doing reviews every day since then because it takes very little time now, and it’s actually just kinda fun I guess :man_shrugging:

Anyway, thanks to @Naphthalene, here’s what my accuracy looks like lately:

Note, everything I haven’t burned by this point in time is probably something that just doesn’t come up at all in my daily life, or in the games I play in Japanese, but WK provides such a well-rounded foundation that I wanna keep grinding at it 'til it all finally sinks in :stuck_out_tongue:

(I also un-burn things whenever I catch myself doing a dictionary lookup for something that’s on WK)


Edit: My burn rate of 63.53% is actually super close to @timfreilly’s 60% estimate :rofl:


I would estimate my burn rate is about 60% as well.

When I get to a burn review (at least when I realize that it is one, which is most of the time), if I don’t know it pretty much right away, I just miss it and send it back down, whereas on a lower level review I’ll think about it for a while and sometimes remember it, or at least make an educated guess. If I have to think about a burn item for more than a couple seconds, I feel like I haven’t really earned it. I stressed out a lot about missed burns earlier on, but now as one poster said it’s just part of the process.


I think this one is for all the reviews:

My burning accuracy is:
radicals = 95%, kanji = 86%, vocabulary = 81%


My burn rates by the tool indicated by @LoRd_aNdRe:
radicals: 90%, kanji: 77%, vocabuary: 74%

The other tool gives a burn rate of 82%:

Here’s what it’s looking like for me right now (cut off the burned portion since I’m not burning items until November)

I make the most mistakes at Master to Enlightened reviews. My burning accuracy is: radicals - 98.52, kanji - 100, vocabulary - 98.94, overall - 97.74

But this is my second time through these levels. Before my reset the numbers are as follows: radicals - 91.46, kanji - 76.82, vocabulary - 78.26, overall - 86.71

The table keeps calculating and stops when “(based on 8808 reviews in the past 60 days)” which sounds correct (burn rate 68%). But the numbers shown at 1000, 2000, 3000 were lower; I’m assuming table is just thinking out loud here and these are not useful. I know if I go back in time pass 60 days, the burn rate will definitely be lower.

I dont pay too much attention to my burns but if I had to guess I woulda said about half. This table suggests otherwise tho.

I should check that code. Empirically, I’m around 55%, which makes me utterly crazy. I want to be better.

Is there a script for burn leeches? I know I’ve had a couple cycle twice. Extra grrrrr!!

My all time burn stats are 89%/85%/77% for radicals, kanji, and vocab. In the last month, my stats were instead 83/84/73.

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