Slow down after halfway point

hey team
Just did some quick maths and was wondering that after burning around 4400 (50% of items on WK), do reviews slow down by much?
Have been burning my first items this week and getting smashed with reviews. Looking for an easier long term goal rather than trying to see all the way to level 60.

Your number of reviews won’t go down until you stop doing lessons, or at least do fewer lessons per day.

But there would be less items in the overall queue right?
Im super tired today so I dont know if Im overthinking this lol

Less in your review queue? No. Because the items you’re burning get replaced with new lessons you’re doing.

If you do 10 lessons every day, your work load goes up until you start burning items. Then it stays constant until you finish all lessons. This is assuming 100% accuracy, doing all reviews on time, etc., but it gives you an idea of how it works.

I don’t know where it come from, nor if it’s accurate, but it may look something like that:

(I think this is for people going full speed)

The majority of your reviews per day comes from apprentice and guru. I’ll give you an example - over the next 2 days I have 535 reviews, 194 are apprentice 221 guru 69 master and 51 enlightened. If I just stopped doing lessons and only did reviews for a month that number would be significantly less. See where I’m coming from?

Ideally, your workload will be purple.

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The colors differentiate the item type.

My guru:apprentice ratio is 4.05:1.
What’s normal?

Depending on how fast you are going, it’s either normal or low. In the lower levels, it can get to 7 or 8x if you go full speed.

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Ok dope. Nice to know that 19-23 have the mot though, even if by a little. All downhill from here! WOO

that assumes you run at 100% accuracy. it depends completely on how you perform.
personally, i do everything as soon as it pops up, and in one sitting, which leads to 5 busy days and 2 where i’m bored, because there’s nothing to do.

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