What's Next for WaniKani?

So I reached 60 almost a year ago, my subscription is about to run out soon. I don’t really care if I burn everything 100% so I’m trying to decide if there is there any point in continuing to subscribe/or get lifetime.

The long-awaited radical overhaul has been done. Since I joined two years ago, that was really the only thing I heard about that was in the works. So is WaniKani pretty much done updating? I get the small tweaks and bug fixes here and there, but is there really anything substantial going to be added in the future? Like new levels or something?


For me the most important improvement to WK is not the radical overhaul but their adding of more example sentences to levels 21 until 60. If you learn vocabs to reinforce kanji learning, then I think you learn to read sentences to reinforce vocabs and grammar learning.


You could let your subscription lapse, and resubscribe if anything new comes along.


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