WaniKani Lifetime Subscription (Pricing)

I’ve just discovered WaniKani and I’m amazed I’ve found such a good app. I was a little disappointed when I realised it wasn’t totally free but I understand as the app is so good and I’m more than willing to pay.
I’ve read a few blog posts about this topic from a few years ago but I was wondering if the same still stands. I’m wanting to get more into learning Japanese again as I’ve been learning it for a while but have kinda neglected it / left it to the side, and this app seems so amazing and all the blog posts are super positive.
As I mentioned, I’ve read a few posts about the different pricing, and I think that the Lifetime pricing is the best one as I won’t have to worry about speedrunning and paying repeatedly, and I can always come back and review etc. For reference, I’m 17 at the moment and a student, but I have a job so I’ll be able to afford it (although I may have to save up for a month or 2). I don’t really wanna pay the full price though, and I’ve heard that they do deals around Christmas / New Year. I also don’t want to jump in to such a huge financial decision right away after only a few day, no matter how much it feels like the right thing to do.
Would it still be the case that if I pay for Annual and upgrade around Christmas the money would be deducted from the price I’ve already paid? Or would it be better to do all the free levels now and then wait a few months until the end of the year / beginning of 2024 and get it reduced? (Are they even still doing the reduced deals?)
Any help would be much appreciated, thanks xx

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I would do the first 3 levels at least before you make a decision. At level 1, things are very slow for you right now. You will soon start seeing more lessons and the pace will pick up with more reviews. Level 3 will give you a better idea of what the later levels will be like.

They have traditionally had a sale in December and I would bet that they will do so again. That possibly could change but would think they will continue it.

WK is the best online way to learn Kanji. With them recently starting adding kana only vocabulary, the value has increased for those just starting learning Japanese IMO. You still will need to have a way to learn grammar but there are many good resources listed in these forums.


yes, this is still the case. They never promise there will be a Christmas discount, but so far, they’ve done it. I’d be surprised if it changed anytime soon. :slight_smile: But, yeah, do the first 3 levels, then get annual if you still think it’s great. then you can think about getting lifetime later on. ^>^



i didnt want to pay the lifetime annual fee because i i might get bored and quit in a few months and then money will be wasted and also i hope to complete wanikani in two years and move on to something else so that will work out about the same cost as a lifetime plan.

Only what’s left of your subscription, not the full amount.


Buying an annual subscription now, and then buying a lifetime subscription during the Christmas sale is cheaper than buying lifetime now. This also gives you the option to change your mind at a lower cost if you decide you don’t want to invest your time after all in a couple months.

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Definitely wait until you’ve at least completed 3 since it’s the end of the free levels. After that, I would seriously consider trying out more rounded apps that have grammar in addition to kanji, such as renshuu.org, Satori Reader, and many more. WaniKani is really expensive for a web app that only does kanji well.

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