What will hurt my level up time?

I don’t want to get down to 6 days a level. But now I’m on holidays for a week and I want to use this time.
In wkstats I can see the time when I could go the next level if things go fine.
So should I be fine if I

  • do lessons ASAP?
  • do get reviews to 0 at least at noon and every evening?
    Will it hurt if reviews for new lessons aren’t done quickly?
    Is the level up condition that I got 90% of the Kanji correctly reviewed four times?
    Two days ago my level up prediction in wkstats suddenly moved up by six hours so I want to understand the reasons.
    Any hints or links are appreciated.

Yes. ^-^ Edit: Correctly reviewed four times consecutively.

If you don’t do kanji/radical reviews (level critical reviews) asap, this will of course push back your level up time.

If I do my reviews as they come up, I can take an item I learned in the morning up to Apprentice 3 in one day, since I can hit the +4h review and +8h review.

I look at it this way: all of a level’s kanji is unlocked when that level’s radicals are Guru. So in the first batch of kanji, you can still make mistakes without slowing down as long as you review radicals flawlessly.

The moment all of the kanji is unlocked for a level, you have to review 90% of them without any errors at all to have optimal level up time.

Hope I understood your question right. :purple_heart: Good luck! Enjoy a nice study holiday!


@omun: 礼

  • So the real challenge begins when I don’t have any apprentice radicals left?
  • +4 and +8 is mentioned a lot. So is there perhaps a +16 and +32 for the next reviews? ATM I have a convenient break for the night. When I do a last batch at e.g.11 pm I get a break of 7 or 8 hours.
  • So vocabulary stuff doesn’t slow you down then if it isn’t perfect?
    So that is my current understanding:
  • After the last batch of kanji in a level is unlocked any minute I delay their reviews after they pop up counts? As long as they are more than 10% naturally.

If you’re going for quick level-up time, there is also the challenge of doing radicals perfectly, but you indeed only start running the risk of kanji errors slowing you down when all radicals are Guru.

While I’m unsure if it’s still a 100% accurate, or if they tweaked some things, in the WK Guide there is a chart that shows the SRS intervals if you scroll down to the section Hold on, I have to WAIT?

Correct - vocab accuracy has no effect on level-up.

The system divvies it in hour blocks. If my level-critical reviews are unlocked at 09:00 in the morning, I can finish them at 09:59 without incurring any delays. The hour that they were unlocked in matters (that’s why a 4 hour interval can feel like three, if you do a lesson at the end of the hour).

If you use WK on computer, I find the userscript Dashboard Progress Plus exceedingly useful. It will show upcoming reviews, and any current level-critical ones are indicated by a small arrow, so you know exactly where you’re at.

Note that this userscript requires Open Framework to work, but all the instructions on how to get it running are on the script page. :purple_heart:

Read chapter 4, 5 and 6 of my Guide :slight_smile: That will give more than enough knowledge to make every decision you need.

PS: The WK Guide has an error. Apprentice 4 => Guru 1 is 2 days, not 3.


I was just looking at that, too. Good that you pointed it out. :+1: 48h between reaching App 4 and the Guru review.

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@jprspereira Thanks for reminding me of your guide. I had already read some other chapters but not these. Nevertheless, as you predicted, I now have the information I need.

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Yay success \ :grin: /

I pretty much wrote everything you need about WK there, so feel free to give it a look whenever. The only thing I didn’t write about was mnemonics :sweat_smile:

IMHO, WK should also require 90% correctness on vocabulary.

If you want to be extra precise, it’s 47h. It’s always the round interval minus 1 hour.

So it’s 4h, then 8h, then 23h, then 47h, then 6 days 23h, etc…

So if I started an item at 6 am, I would get it to apprentice 3 at 6 pm that day assuming I got it right every time. Still assuming that, my review for apprentice 4 would be 5 pm the next day and 4 pm 2 days after that.

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