Does reviewing more often level up faster?

Hello. I just got Wanikani yesterday, and I see that every couple hours I’m getting some reviews. If I do them as soon as I get them, will I unlock new levels/kanji faster, or If I do the reviews once in the morning and once after work unlock them at the same pace? Just a little confused on how that works and if I need to keep logging in every couple hours to do them. Thanks!

Doing the reviews as they come up will make you level up faster, at least when the items being reviewed are radicals and kanji’s that are in apprentice status.

When you do a lesson, you move the items in the lesson into your review queue, from where they become available for review at fixed intervals. If you get it right during reviews it will progress it will take progressively more time until it becomes available for review again. Technically the fastest way to level is do all your lessons and then do all the reviews when they’re available. Practically, if you do 1 or 2 study sessions per day you should be fine. There’s no need to be compulsively obsessed with speed.


In order to level up you need to progress 90% of the kanji of your current level to guru. So reviewing more frequently will make you level up faster.


Up to a point. The reviews are on a timer, so it’s possible to work out when your reviews are due and pop in accordingly. Maximum speed requires setting alarms to check in at night, and may not be worth the boost of a few hours per item :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah that. Here is how it works:


Okay cool. Yeah I was wondering if I should be checking in ever couple hours to do a review, or wait till a bunch are ready for review and do it all at once

It’s not very efficient to check every couple of hours, and maybe not sustainable in the long run as you might burn yourself out.

The best way is to study at a consistent schedule, say once in the morning and once in the evening. You give up a little bit of speed but if you do this consistently (not skipping any session) you’ll probably still be faster than the majority of people here.

If you’re more flexible with time, maybe you can study three times a day, e.g., 8am, noon, and 8pm. Notice the times are 4 hours and 8 hours apart to take advantage of WK’s SRS intervals. (9am, 1pm and 9pm would achieve exactly the same results).

But at the end of the day, do whatever suits your personality. I’m not very organized so I don’t strictly follow a set schedule myself.


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