Reviews and leveling up

If I do my reviews like 5 hours late once in a while, does that delay my leveling?
For instance, if I did my reviews always right when they appeared, would I level up faster than if I do them a few hours later once in a while?

Generally, yes, delaying your reviews will delay leveling up, but it’s worth keeping in mind that only kanji items directly affect your level ups (and as such, radicals have an indirect effect). Vocab items have no effect on leveling.

So if you wait to do a review of just vocab, it won’t slow you down.

Additionally, waiting to do reviews for items that are already guru or higher also won’t affect anything.


Another thing to keep in mind for the first two reviews is that a delay of 5 hours might actually be long enough to forget the item and get it wrong! Because the first two reviews happen after 4 and 8 hours (ish), even a few hours of delay can lower your accuracy. I tend to not do any new lessons after 4pm because of this. Or if I do, I make sure to do the first review right before bed, so I can do the second review in the morning.

Edit: just noticed @Leebo has reset again. This is finally my chance to beat him to 60 :crossed_fingers:


Level 60 is boring amirite :joy:


All these resets!!! Ahhhhh say hello to my subcategory posts for me!


Holy crap, you reset again? I’m impressed but also a little scared of you.


Why did you reset? It takes serious time to go thru all reviews even with lightning speed.


I believe this is his 3rd time, Leebo is the master of Japanese here


Maybe he aims for 100% accuracy on all reviews :slight_smile:


I’m marking myself wrong if I get the pitch accent wrong.


But radicals and kanji don’t have one :slight_smile:

Then I won’t have to worry about those will I :slight_smile:


On more serious note, it was said many times that WK is not the best source of vocab, so working on pitch here …

Just say honestly that you’re here for the forums :slight_smile:

Anyway, huge respect!


One of the major issues with WK and vocab is that they only teach you one (or a couple) English glosses. You don’t learn how to use words. But I’m past the point where that matters much to me.

Many non-kanji words, like loanwords in katakana and onomatopoeia, actually have very easy to predict pitch accent patterns. So I don’t have many issues with them now.

Okay, yes, I just want an excuse to stay on the forums :slight_smile:


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