From what level does WK speed up in reviews?


I’m only level 4 (radicals apprentice 4) so there isn’t much to review about.
But all my level 1 radicals and most kanji are already at the master stage meaning spreading those reviews to once a month.

Personally speaking, from what are you able to do more reviews more frequently and not have to wait 3 hours just to review 5 radicals?


As long as you keep doing your lessons and reviews as they appear the pace will quickly pick up. By the time you’re level 10 it should be more than enough to keep you busy with anywhere between 100 and 250 reviews per day depending on how quickly you’re doing your new lessons.

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It’s a steady buildup until you hit about 6 months, though you’ll find there won’t be any super long breaks after, say, level 5.

Don’t worry. Once you’ve hit level 20, you’ll need to put in between one and two hours per day just to keep up.


I consider level 5 to be the first “wake-up call” on Wanikani. You’re almost there, so just wait a little bit more :slight_smile:

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Look at it this way - you’re at the bottom of a hill. The review items are balls. When you learn one, you get to throw it a few feet up the hill, and it rolls back to you to do again. Each time, you get to throw it farther up the hill but it doesn’t go away (until after it’s burned). They’re all still rolling toward you.

At level 4, the master, enlightened, and burn streams of balls haven’t reached you yet. But they will :slight_smile: . I’m getting the enlightened ones now and it’s getting pretty busy. Still have 3 months to go before the burn items start arriving too.


4 days later, nothing to do in 11 hours and 42 reviews in 24 hours.

I’m getting doubtful that reaching level 5 will change much :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a steady climb, for the most part. It’ll keep going up until you start getting burn items. At that point, it should level off for the most part, assuming your accuracy remains high.

You should use this time to be productive in other areas. Later on you will definitely not have as much time between reviews so I would use this time wisely. I’d suggest you practice grammar, that is the #1 thing that will decide how much you’ll be able to read when you start reading.


Seconded. It’s so hard for me to sit down and do Genki when I already put so much time into WK reviews. I haven’t made any progress since May.

they’ll pile up, don’t worry.

You can also start using Kaniwani, which links to your account. It shows a term in English and you have to type the answer in hiragana (like you do for the readings in WK). It’s a good way to help retain more complex vocab and to learn alternate meanings for a term – for instance, I’m at level 7, and I have two different ways of writing “underground”. However, Kaniwani gives out the other meanings along with the main one, so I can learn more easily which vocab means subterranean and which one is basement.

I’m level 8 and I have plenty of reviews, although nothing crazy yet. I’m not sure what level exactly they started to become more frequent, but you shouldn’t have to wait too long.

If you want to have more reviews everyday you should try spacing out your lessons instead of doing them all in one bunch. I usually do between 5 and 15 lessons a day (when I have them) and now I’m level 9 and have about 100/150 reviews per day. Not sure how I’ll fare when it gets more than that as I can’t spend much more than 1h a day on Japanese study lol.

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