What WaniKani level is required to pass JLPT N4 (Kanji part only) test?

What level is the minimum required and what level is sufficient to pass the kanji section in JLPT N4 exam ?

Level 27 will get you all the most commonly listed as N4 kanji.

But by level 16 you’ll be about 3 kanji off.

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You can use this website to see some cool statistics about WaniKani using your API key.

“Progress and Projections” is what you’re looking for.

Or Charts!

Around How long (how many weeks ) will it take to reach wanikani level 27 ? I am on level 2 now. I am trying to go fast but wanikani doesn’t allow to go fast.

the link is you provided is not working. Would you please give it again?

The latest version of this provides even more stats.

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I check the new version, it’s way prettier but it still lacks the projection feature which is really important for me.

Weird that it’s not working for you. Here’s the link:

It took me exactly 300 days, with an everage lvl up duration of 11 days and 8 hours.
I can understand at this stage why you could want to go faster, but you have to understand that the workload will increase gradually in first lvls.

You can pass N3 at lvl 27. Totally an overkill for N4.

Also the fastest pace is around 7 days per level.

I strongly recommend you reed The Ultimate Guide to Wanikani.

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There is no section that is purely kanji that needs to be passed. That is, if you get all the kanji questions wrong you can still pass the overall test. I only say this because of the part about what is the minimum level.


Not nearly the same amount of information, but if you turn on the browser console when you load that page in the new version, you do get the timings. I guess this is a work in progress.

I passed the N4 at level 16 and didn’t have much trouble with the kanji section. Reading was a lot more difficult

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I’ve been trying practice tests to gauge which one
I want to attempt next year, and honestly, anything below N3 is harder for me to read because of the lack of Kanji.

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Yeah that’s definitely true. Having kanji or even Chinese knowledge significantly reduces the study time needed. If you’re taking it next year I think N3+ is probably a better goal