Level 40 by next July


My japanese level is currently between JLPT N4 and N3 and I would like to pass the JLPT N2 exam next year.

Roughly speaking, I know all the N5 and N4 Kanji and about a third of N3 Kanji.

As far as I understood, the N2 level is equivalent to WaniKani’s level 40.

Is it doable in your opinion to get to level 40 by next July?

How can I do projections about my progress on Wanikani?

Thanks in advance.


You can use https://www.wkstats.com/ to keep track of your progress. Since you’re level 2 at the moment you need to do 38 levels in the next 279 days (until July 1, 2023) which is about 1 level every 7,34 days. This is doable if you do your lessons and reviews quickly and don’t mess up your answers too much, but it won’t be easy to keep up that pace. Also, I would be interested in knowing what study plans you have outside of WK. Knowing the kanji is only a small part of what you’ll be tested on.


I’m using the Shin Kan Zen master series to prepare for the JLPT.
I also use Duolingo and some other apps like Memrise.
Moreover, I try to watch japanese materials on Youtube/Netflix every day and I speak with some japanese friends on a regular basis.


The Shin Kanzen Master series is tailored to prepare you for the test, so working through it should help give some perspective on where you’re at. I think the biggest challenge on the test for most people will be the time limit. You will have to answer a lot of questions, at a much faster pace than you’re probably going when working with the textbooks at home. Good luck!


Thanks TarjeiM!

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I wouldnt rely on WK in this instance and opt for Flashcards that are aimed at the JLPT level your taking. WK doesn’t cover everything and the order is mixed, so you should get a Shinkanzen Master or Soumatome book and just study the crap out of those.

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For sure.

@usuman1992 I suggest spending time on reading, because you’ll need to read fast to make the test. There are also practice tests I’d use to get a feel for the test format, and how much time you’ll have on each section.


Thanks @ekg
Could you please recommend some books/materials I can read?

There are a lot of recommendations already posted on WK, if you search the forums for “reading suggestions”, “book recommendations”, “graded readers”. Look for the book clubs as well: beginner, intermediate and advanced. It’s fun to read with others. ^>^

Generally speaking I find it hard to tell, what works, even for myself. You just have to give it a try, and get a feel for the text: are you having trouble with the grammar? Are there too many unfamiliar kanji? Can’t recognize the vocab?

Those are the main concerns, and you’ll just have to make a decision then, if you wanna keep going, slowly, but steadily, or if you wanna try something that might be easier - or harder, if that’s the case.

I’m the type to need something I truly enjoy and get drawn into, or I won’t keep reading. So, personal interest is key. Once I’m invested in the story, I find I can have the patience to trudge through passages with more unknown grammar or kanji. (I probably wouldn’t for a text I merely read for reading practice :sweat_smile: )

But, what works or doesn’t work for me, doesn’t mean someone else can’t find value in. We’re all different in our learning journey here. :slight_smile:

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