What Wanikani Level is JFT-Basic?

So about the Japan Foundation Test (JFT) which is an alternative to JLPT, and which they say is equivalent to JLPT N4, does that also mean JFT is also until level 27 kanji (In JLPT N4 Chart) of wanikani?

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As far as I’m aware. there’s no specific information publicised about the JFT. It’s primarily about practical communication skills and so there’s not a direct comparison you can make between the kanji you’d need for N4 and how many you’d need to score at least 375 points on the JFT.

At level 27 you’d know 100% of the N4 kanji and 94% of the Grade 3 Joyo kanji, if that’s any help.

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Sounds like WK will be a poor tool to practice the skills needed to pass JFT. :eyes: This being a kanji reading, learning app.

@Shindii10 I hope you have planned for plenty of other ways to study Japanese because WK isn’t really geared toward language production, listening, grammar or vocabulary learning. Those skills are much more valuable for practical communication in Japanese than knowing how to read kanji. :eyes:

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