Hey what level would be ideal to learn up to N4 readings?

I’m not trying to be a pro or anything in Japanese at the moment since I have other language learning endeavors but I don’t mind doing some SRS and maintaining Kanji knowledge

That being said, what level should I aim for if I want to have about a N4 level reading comprehension, at least in terms of vocab/kanji? I’m seeing Level 16 on wkstats has 97.59% of N4 JPLT kanji so is that a good spot to aim for?

if you use some separate tool to learn more n5+n4 vocab, then sure, otherwise I don’t wanikani teaches even close to a good percentage of n4 words


yeah level 16 will get you N5+N4 kanji pretty quickly. Vocab however is mostly a vehicle to teach diverse kanji readings on wanikani, you will want additional learning resources for vocab (and grammar, obviously).

I think a combo of WK for kanji and some vocab + bunpro for grammar and more vocab as SRS systems in my learning tools coupled with immersion from audio/video/reading is working out decently for me (even though I am still a relative newbie).


for kanji, yes. level 16 leaves something like 4 kanji to learn (though there is no fixed list of kanji for jplt).

for vocab, and actual reading comprehension, you’ll want some other tools.


I failed the N4 last December - missed the passing grade by 3 points.

That said, I did not find kanji to be a major component of the test, rather vocabulary, grammar, and general test-taking strategies were my weak points (which I will need to address before either retrying N4 or attempting N3).

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