Resetting - experiences? advice?

Hi all,

I’ve been stuck at level 24 for some time now and I consistently have over 300 reviews. I’ve let myself go a bit and I feel like I’m doing so may reviews the kanji isn’t sticking anymore. I’m also forgetting a few of the older kanji.

What’s your experience been like with resetting your level? Helpful? Frustrating? I was considering going back to a lower level or even starting over but I want to get some thoughts because it’s a big decision.

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Disclaimer: I have no reset experience.

From what you wrote, I do not recommand reseting.
To be more clear, you need to take a few step back and understand the cause of your difficulties.
If you reset now, why wouldn’t you have the same difficilcuties in the future, close or far? It may cause frustration and you may abandon wk.


I think you should first identify which levels most of the items on your apprentice/Guru queue are from. Are they mostly from the last couple of levels? Then reset just a few levels, so you can go through them again one bunch at a time.


To be honest I think I let it go because I was getting depressed over summer as I had no job and was in lockdown. Didn’t really feel up to doing WK and reviews just build up from there.
But now I have a job and hopefully things will start to get better this year, I’m feeling more up to it


Good idea I think

Hey @Kuroneko1!

I did something similar, I got to around level 16 or so and just fell into a slump. My reviews piled up and I told myself I’d do it tomorrow but then I saw the number of reviews the next day and could never bring myself to do it.

I ended up resetting after taking a 6 or so month break, I don’t regret doing it at all and I’m back at level 23 now!

It definitely helped me learn from my mistakes and take things a lot slower and more at a pace I could handle.

I agree with what @felix330 said though! Maybe figure out what levels you’re having problems with and potentially just reset those instead of a hard reset like I did.

Hope this helped a little!


I was in a really similar situation last year. The whole lockdown situation was pretty hard for me at first and I ended up dropping WaniKani for around 3 months. Coming back was hard and the first couple days I was flooded with hundreds of reviews but after around a week or so I was able to continue studying normally.

Try to overcome the pile of reviews you have now and don’t do any new lessons until you are back at 0 again. And don’t worry about poor accuracy, resetting would pretty much be like dropping all the items to A1 anyways. This way the kanji and words you remember won’t take up unnecessary time.


Well, you’re not the only one with this feeling. I think pretty much everyone suffers through it.
Forgetting old kanji will always be a thing, for example, think about when you have finished WaniKani and it’s been years, how do you plan to keep them fresh in your mind?

Instead of resetting, I would recommend starting to consume Japanese content through the internet and checking back in WaniKani whenever you feel like you’ve seen a kanji but can’t remember it. For example, I can easily read 写真(しゃしん) but today I came across 真面目(まじめ) and I totally couldn’t guess what the first Kanji is but when I checked I already knew the Kanji.

As for 300+ reviews, I could only say this: 頑張れ!!
Or as the english saying goes: When the going gets tough, the tough get going. :wink:


Wasn’t there a third party app or something where you can see a detailed breakdown of your progress? Might help if I can see what levels my reviews are coming from, as @felix330 said

I was searching for these third party app as well to mention it here. I am not sure if I remember it right, but there might be also an app to filter your review based on their level.

I recently did a full reset from lvl 24 because I was away for a bit, but I regret doing that. The first few levels are too easy and now I just spend time waiting to learn radicals and Kanji that I’ve been using for a while now. Be careful where you reset to :wink:


Next time you feel like taking a break I recommend putting WaniKani on vacation mode. You’ll stay at the same level you were but the reviews won’t pile up.
The only website I know of that gives some statistics of your progress is

4 Likes has actually some good perks, thanks for the info!

I’ve reset once, and don’t really recommend it. I would just put yourself on vacation mode and use the self-study script. Then once you’re comfortable with the kanji again jump back into it.

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Sorry to hear you have regrets, but I can understand. Don’t think I’ll be going back to 1. Don’t want to have to learn the numbers 1-10 again!

I have reset a few times, and it was the right thing to do. But I had over 1000 items. I wouldn’t reset at 300 (That is a normal day load in later levels if you go fast =P )

But I must say, to me, the 20’s are the WORST levels so far!
SO yeah, just go slow. Those levels sort of sucks. It will get better.
I would just slow down, concentrate on the hard items, continue at a slow pace


I got up to level 43 and reset after losing motivation because I came back to 3000 reviews. It was personally just too daunting for me, so I decided to go all the way back to level 1. It’s actually been really nice to re-review all the kanji I had burned and be able to ease back into WK again.

One benefit of resetting as I see it is that it can help you get back into a routine of doing WK everyday again. When you’re struggling everyday to learn new kanji, it can be crushing. For me, resetting to kanji I already knew took that load off so that I could just get used to my set schedule again.

It sounds like resetting to level 1 is not what you need, but resetting a little bit might help you get back into the swing of things again as well.


I’m currently making my way through a 1500+ pile of reviews :joy: I know I had a lot of items close to burn, so I installed “WaniKani Reorder Buttons” and am doing my reviews by SRS level. This way I’ll quickly (okay, it’s not that fast haha) make my way through the pile by removing all the stuff I (magically) know.

My break was about 4-5 months and it feels, so far, a lot more motivating than resetting. Getting 58% correct feels really good right now. Especially since I’m burning items.

I’ve resat once before but then I’d been away for a couple of years and it was definitely the best course of action back then. If it’s “only” a pile of 300-400 reviews I’d focus on doing those and no more lessons, and I’d spend extra time figuring out why some kanji aren’t sticking (write them down, find new mnemonics, whatever floats your boat)


I took a look at your numbers and I see that you have many many burns and few Master and Enlightened. If you reset, those burns will become “active” and you have to go through them again. Just from looking at your stats, I would advice against resetting.

I had a lot of reviews a few weeks ago and lacked the motivation to do anything about them. I decided to do only 25 reviews at a time, no matter how many reviews I had pending. If you use Flaming Durtles on Android, you can set it to only 25 reviews per session. If not, then just hit the Wrap up button when you get to 15, and then you’ll get 10 more reviews and be done. I try to do 25 reviews per hour. For me, that’s easier than doing a lot at once. After doing that a few days, your reviews will even out, and you’ll get a few reviews every hour. Then it will only take you a few minutes per hour to get them out of the way.

Whatever you do, don’t do any lessons now. Reviews only until you have everything under control.

Good luck no matter what you decide to do!


Thank you for taking a look! Very kind. I didn’t even know you could do that.

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