What level do you start burning turtles?


I’m confused, WK says you start burning items from level 10 onwards, but… at level 13 still nothing burnt?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I don’t know, maybe it’s me who’s just too fast :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Ooh, can’t wait to start burning my turtles!! :grimacing:
OK, thanks for reading, you can carry on with your life :slightly_smiling_face:



It is timed, not based on your level.

Apprentice takes about 3.5 days combined if done on time and correct each time
1 week in guru 1
2 weeks in guru 2
1 month in master
4 months in enlightened

So from the time you learn it till first attempt at burning takes about 6 months if you never fail, longer if you do.
You can burn items while at level 1. If you level fast the burns will come in around level 20 or so.
Mine will come in around level 10,cause I level slowly.


You burn items 4 months after enlightened stage. It’s about time, not level. You could burn items at level 1 if you went slow enough.

I believe at max speed you would get your first burns at level 21 or something like that.

Not sure where you saw something about level 10.

Edit: ah, from the emails? Not sure what it says but they probably just mean you’ll eventually start burning things soon on average.


I think it was in the level 10 email.

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oooh, I see, so I started using WK on the 4th January 2021, so I will start burning in June… awesome, thank you guys!! :slightly_smiling_face:


If you want to know when your burns are coming in you can get the Timeline script:

I can see my Burns coming around end of June! :durtle_love:


Nothing special except leeboing Leebo.


Leeboing Leebo, I love the sound of it! Not sure I understand it though




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I mean I am level 10 now and I am over three months away from potentially burning my first items.

I just hit level 11 and my first burn should be in about 3 days, but I have a rather intermittent learning schedule.

I believe at max speed you would get your first burns at level 21 or something like that.

Sounds about right; my first burn was at level 24 and I’ve been averaging roughly a level a week.

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I used to level up really slowly so I got my first burns around Level 8 I think.

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Thanks for explaining it! :durtle_love:

He is a very knowledgeable user, and seems very active on these topics helping people
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やっと! Here comes my very first burned item - at the end of level 15!! すごいね! :sunglasses:


you monster!

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