What is your longest leech?

関心 and 感想 here. I always get them mixed up or type the answer as “emotion.” :cold_sweat:

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Just came up with this random tidbit:
関 means “connection”, right?
関 - connection
関 + 心 - concern

Also, 関心 is the “connection of the heart” (metaphorically) so “concern” :slight_smile:


To make a sort of mochi you can use starch instead of mochigome, and heat it with milk and sugar in a saucepan. Edible packing peanuts are made out of blown corn or wheat starch, so I substituted the starch in the recipe for the same weight of packing peanuts [t’was a heckuva lot of packing peanuts, I can tell you that]. I still laugh at the fact that my partner for the project and I got 10 points of extra credit [only one other group got any at all; the professor was not the kind to hand it out]. The best part was we pasted anime faces on images of packing peanuts while the other groups took their projects very seriously. What was the extra credit for?: “creativity and fun.” The life lesson here is that in order to get extra credit, you have to utilize your creativity to make a fun project on packing peanuts and mochi.

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my item inspector shows 63 with leeches over 2.0

then when I use self study quis for it, it shows 66 items, I dont get it.

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t for some of these add a user synonym that is what you keep answering. Especally when it is one that Jisho has on it but not WaniKani For example this one from @romato

I always answer “hope” instead of “wish” because the only two vocab words it’s used in are “hope” and “to hope”. Jisho’s first meaning for 希 is also hope, so I have no idea why wanikani decided to go with wish.

I don’t see why in that case you shouldn’t add hope to user synonyms as the site itself says on the page about user synonyms “WaniKani isn’t a dictionary, so it’s very possible that we don’t teach every English meaning for every word.” For example I added jewel as a synonym for the kanji Since when I looked it up later on Jisho it was there and I was remembering that better (I have both meanings down at this point.)