What is your "Japanese Learning" routine?

Wah I feel like I’m doing so little Japanese, reading all these daily routines here.

For me it currently is keeping up with Wanikani and I just added Bunpro for grammar since I heard a lot of good stuff about it.

I’m still trying to figure out what would be best to use to get the non WK N5 vocab so that I keep there a well rounded balance between the kanji and non-kanji vocab. Any hints are welcome. :innocent: (maybe Torii ?)

Lastly I want to try to pick up my Minna no Nihongo Book and work it through to the end. Especially since the CD has a lot of listening practice that should be helpful.

Anything else I am missing for working myself towards the JLPT N5??? :eyes:

However with work and a baby boy :boy: at home you sure have also other priorities besides Japanese :wink: But I definitely don’t want to quit and work towards the N5 test maybe next summer. :page_facing_up:

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