Daily routine

Not sure if there is a thread for this. But I was wonder what people’s daily routines are for studying Japanese.
I’ll start. I usually study in the evening after work. I do duolingo, IknowJP, wanikani, and Pimsleur and I usually do a chapter in Satori Reader. At least once a week I do Busuu to advance my grammer knoweldge.
Although it’s not technically study I do listen to Japanese music a lot. Lots of random music like the Ranma 1/2 ost with lyrics. Hidaka Noriko, Daoko and ikimono gakari songs too


Most mornings I do 20 new vocabulary words on anki and review what I have, then watch 20 minutes of Shin-Chan or another drama. On my way to work, I relisten episodes of something I watched before. At work, I read graded readers, do kanji on Wani Kani, do some more vocabulary, listen to podcasts during the day and like 10 minutes max of grammar. Evenings are dedicated to watching shows only.

All the best to us!!!


There’s a ton of study logs where people put their routines.

I mostly come here everyday and read all the new posts, answer some questions, research some stuff sometimes, and maybe watch 2 or 3 episodes of anime every few days. I also started documenting my known words on jpdb.io.

Oh, I also play Konosuba Fantastic Days every day and listen to some dialogue.


My routine is mid-transition right now so I’ll label my routines as experimental/temporary/regular:

  • On my commute to work I read manga [regular]
  • Throughout the day I do Renshuu.org for grammar practice only [regular]
  • Lunch time I am reading through a book above my level and using a monolingual dictionary and writing the new words + definitions (in Japanese) [experimental]
  • On the way home I do my WaniKani reviews + manga reading. [regular]
  • When I get home I watch 2 episodes of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. [temporary/regular]
  • Before bed, I am reading a novel for fun. [experimental]

I read for like 5 hours a day then do srs for that same amount maybe play some games on the side

It’d probably be good to do some output but too lazy


My idea is similar to Decision Matrix. My days can be wildly busy, yet some busy time may have an unexpectedly long breather, not necessarily in my room. Sometimes night and day have switched.

I have something I want to everyday. Currently would be So-matome exercises and VN; but both aren’t so convenient to do. (Both need a laptop). I put textbook exercises in the morning, and VN in at night. Writing for everyday challenges is also planned to be at night (8 pm and 11 pm).

In the end, I usually put a lot of time for Japanese, in any case.

  1. Wake up, listen to a podcast 1hr.
  2. Do SRS reviews, new lessons on kitsun.
  3. Go for a 2hr walk, listen to a podcast.
  4. Do SRS.
  5. 2-3 hours of intensive immersion, usually youtube videos with jp subtitles.
  6. Do whatever I feel like, usually more immersion.

Aiming for doing SRS atleast an hour a day and immersion for 5.

Edit: My schedule for the past two weeks, did alot more before that. Anything from 8-16 for the past two years. Will eventually ramp back up after the routine is more set.


I’m super curious (disclaimer: Seriously. Not in a weird / rude kinda way) – what do you work as to have that kind of time? :face_with_peeking_eye: I’m really jealous and might or might not want to copy :laughing:

  • On my way to work: about 5 minutes of Anki (between 4 and 10 new cards a day, depending on my recent retention rate), then 15 minutes of Duolingo.
  • While drinking coffee : Bunpro review, then one new grammar point.
  • Throughout the day : small sessions of Renshuu (20 words / session, about 100 reviews / day) and WK (trying to maintain a 80> apprentice). I’m also starting ringotan
  • On my way back home : another 15 minutes of duolingo. That’s usually a lesson a day, and “level” per week. I have premium subscription, so I sometimes skip levels when things are getting too slow.
  • Evening : finish remaining reviews on everything.
  • Bed : read something. Graded Reader (todoku or lingomastery) or Native stuff (a children book version of Totoro or Yotsuba), even if it’s only a single page.

I wish I could remove Duolingo, but for now I have nothing to replace it.

I don’t. So I got more time on my hands than most people. Also when aiming for native level, crazy hours needs to be done. Soon done it for 2 years, if I have to do it for another 10, so be it.

Most people have more time in their day than they think overall though, when doing chores or the like, always have a podcast or the like ready. Really structure the day around the SRS if at all possible. It all adds up. Alot of people say that they don’t have alot of time and spend three hours a day on tiktok. Not saying that you are one of those people, just general tips.


:star_struck: Where do you watch this? If I use a VPN to watch it on Japanese Netflix there are only 50 episodes.

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I live in Japan currently and that’s the number of episodes I see on Netflix with a few scattered specials. I rewatch episodes numerous times so I am maybe a third of the way through so 50 episodes are okay for me.

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Wait what? you spend 5 h reading and 5 h SRS every day? How is that possible?

Work is slow, and i work from home, so i just end up studying jp during that time. Also my classes are all online, and i cheat on all of them anyway, so i spend very little time on school = unhealthy amount of free time

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O man, what I wouldn’t give to watch the episodes I enjoyed as a child!

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Omg only 550 yen :sob: You are a legend :bowing_woman:

Now I just need to git gud at listening :sweat_smile:

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What do you srs for 5 hours? 1500 reviews a day?

bunpro + wk + jpdb

It’s kinda an even split, maybe a little less for wk. I did do 1500 a day for a period of 2 months or so, but I got tired so cut back to 1000 to do more reading

Lots of people here putting in seriously heavy work, so I’ll give my input too.
I do all of my WK reviews in the morning (about 100 average reviews, sometimes 150) during the morning while downloading stuff for work. Takes about 30 mins. If I don’t have enough free time to do it while working I finish up during lunch break.

Then after work (or during when it’s slow) I try to read one chapter of an easy manga (Currently reading Takagi-san). That also takes about 20-30 minutes depending on the density of dialogue.

After dinner, before going into the shower, I do my lessons. Usually 10 or 15, depending on if it’s kanjis or vocabulary. Sometimes I’ll drop to 5 lessons if I’m feeling too tired, sometimes I’ll go up to 25 lessons if it’s stuff I already knew, or feel are intuitive enough.

That’s about it really. Totals to about an hour a day on average, far from a lot of people on this forum :smiley:
But again this is not a race, I’m only competing against myself, and I’m winning!

All that being said, I do cheat a bit since I didn’t mention that I speak Japanese with my girlfriend daily. This helps tremendously, but it’s usually only stuff that I already know. It helps a lot for my retention and pronunciation, but I’m not learning all that much. It does feel amazing to be able to actively use the new stuff that I learn as soon as I learn it.

Also I’ve started playing Ni No Kuni II in Japanese for about 1 hour a day. Too recent for me to say it’s part of my routine though.