What is this kanji?/how to find old kanji that aren't in jisho

I know the reading is うれい so I am assuming it is an old version of 憂い but the kanji itself I cannot find anywhere on the internet. It is from 花物語 by 吉屋信子. I’m not the best at handwriting so not sure if the strokes are great but that’s definitely what it looks like on the page.
Mostly interested in learning what people do to find old, no longer used kanji, if there are kanji that aren’t in any fonts, how would I write it on a computer document then?
Thanks for any help


Found it using their radical search.

Once I found it on that site, I found it on Jisho as well:


wow thank you! Didn’t know this site, good to know of it now. :slight_smile:


As an aside, if you know the reading already, you might also be able to find it by typing and searching the list of possible results. I have Microsoft IME and found it from typing うれい, then going down the list.


It’s at the top because I used the input recently, but if it’s not there, you can choose the option at the bottom for more results.


As a side note, if it’s a Japanese kanji that exists in Unicode, it exists in Jisho. The trick is in learning how to recognise the components.


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