What is the trigger to unlock the remaining kanji?

Wait, you mean you’ve guru’d all the radicals on your level, but some of you level’s kanji are still locked?

Maybe the app haven’t synched yet? :thinking:

I haven’t reached guru with all the radicals. I don’t expect the 10 kanji to be unlocked right now, I just don’t know if the radicals reaching guru will unlock them or if the other kanji at guru will unlock them.

To answer it specific:
Guru the Radicals and you get the first half of Kanji.
For every Kanji that you Guru you get new Kanji from the second half in addition to new vocabulary.

Please read the Wanikani Beginner’s Guide and all your questions will be answered:


What unlocks kanji is the radicals.
When you get to new level you get the radicals and some kanji. Once you guru the radical, you get the remaining kanji of that level.

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Sorry no offense, but I imagined another new user on lvl 1 (not 17), that did not read the faq, for this question :smiley:
Gl on your journey


Each item basically unlocks separately once you unlocked all the components it’s made from. For example, take the kanji 話, it’s made from the radicals 言 and 舌, so it will unlock the moment you get both of those to Guru for the first time. In WK’s system kanji are always made from radicals, so the components of a kanji cannot be other kanji. That’s also probably why some kanji appear in later levels again as radicals.

The same applies to vocabulary, a word like 人口 is unlocked the moment you’ve Guru’d both 口 and 人 for the first time.

This is why most levels are divided into two “parts”. If you do the radical lessons at around the same time, you’ll notice that the batch of kanji that’s locked at the beginning of the level will all unlock at around the same time, which is the moment you’ve gotten all radicals to guru.

It’s also why some kanji are already unlocked at the start of the level, they’re composed of radicals from earlier levels, and thus you’ve already met the requirement for unlocking them when you Guru’d the radicals on a previous level.

So in short, an item unlocks the moment you’ve Guru’d all of the components it’s made from :grin:


Ah, right, thank you. That’s clear to me now. I’m sure I read about this at some point, but I forgot.

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It’s been a little while. I’m a little rusty, and so long as I just do what’s in front of me, the progress will happen.

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This is incorrect. Upon reaching any new level, the first half of that levels kanji are already unlocked alongside the radicals. Unlocking the second the second half is achieved by guru-ing the radicals for that level, and they will unlock in relation to which radicals they contain. Once you hit 90% of all kanji guru-ed, you level up.


So, what would happen if I use unlearn script to unlearn a radical from the older levels? Will the kanji be locked? :thinking:

The trigger for unlocking an item is getting it to Guru for the first time, so even if you unlearn an item or fail it to let it fall back into apprentice again, that doesn’t have any effect on other items. The only way to wipe that information is through a reset. :grin:


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