When does kanji get unlocked?

Soo… I am new to WaniKani and have just finished learning the radicles. I want to proceed to the kanjis but it is showing as locked. Can anyone tell why is it so? And when does it open?

In order to start unlocking kanji lessons, you have to get the radicals to “Guru” level (by getting the reviews right a few times).

I recommend reading the onboarding guide, starting here: What is WaniKani? | WaniKani Knowledge (I think the welcome emails have links to it too). It will teach you the basics of how WaniKani works.


In addition to what @Escalus helpfully provided, you might take special note of how SRS-works, as in how long the time-intervals are between the reviews. It can help you plan-ahead how you want your reviewing sessions to fall out. Don’t worry: you don’t have to do stuff on time, it’s just that it certainly helps your learning of new items if you can do your reviews in a timely matter at the lower SRS-levels (aka Apprentice and Guru). There’s more leniency for stuff in Master and Enlightened, to a degree. :eyes:

In any case, you can read about the details of this stuff on:

if you haven’t already found the page. :slight_smile:


All kanji are locked by default. Kanjis are made of radicals. When all the radicals that make up a kanji reach the Guru SRS stage this particular kanji is unlocked. Each kanji has its own set of prerequisite radicals.

This is so because Wanikani makes sure you know the prerequisite radicals before it teaches you a kanji.

and dont complain “it is so sloooow” for when review item appears

because later on when you pay for subscription you will have like 100 itens in lesson

and welcome to “overwhelming”, that’s when fun really begins. :grin:

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@ekg @Escalus @prouleau @evandcs
I just opened my email yesterday and saw the mail of WaniKani ;-;
Thanks for clarifying! :slight_smile:


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