WaniKani level mechanics/triggers

I guess at Level 15 I should have figured this out by now, but how does the kanji review and lesson mechanic work? I haven’t powered through all of my reviews in a while, but I’ve completed all of my reviews and lessons and there are 5 kanji that still haven’t opened up for me. What is the trigger? Is it when I get enough kanji correct five times (is there a certain number I need to get)? Or is there a time delay after I finish all my reviews? I’m sure there’s a thread somewhere that breaks it all down.


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Once your radicals are guru, the kanji that have the radicals inside of them will be unlocked.


Aha! Thanks!

The radicals unlocks the first batch of kanji. For the next batch of kanji, you need to have guru’d some of the first batch kanji. So, basically, each level unlocks in 2 steps.

You can read more here:


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