WaniKani stats from Tofugu (not the web app)

The WaniKani Stats site is really cool…but actually I’m interested to see overall statistics from the Tofugu team. I understand if it’s something they might not want to share for one reason or another – maybe they don’t have them in a form that would be useful to us, or prefer to keep statistical data to themselves for business reasons. I don’t know. But I’m curious as heck about questions like these examples:

  • What percentage of users have made it to 60?
  • What levels have the highest dropoff rates in the progression (i.e. people give up and stop logging in, either temporarily or permanently)?
  • What are the radicals/kanji/vocab that users struggle with the most (i.e. highest rates of incorrect answers)?

Obviously there would be a lot of “junk” data, since people will make typos and quit for reasons unreleated to WankiKani. But in aggregate, I suspect that patterns emerge, depending on the size of the total userbase.

It’s entirely possible that this information already exists here too and I just have missed it. If so, I apologize, and would appreciate it if someone could direct me to it. I’m fascinated with how WaniKani works, along with really enjoying using it to learn something I never really imagined I could in the past. :slight_smile:


There’s data on how many people are at each level… if someone can remember what to search for.

EDIT: Here’s one topic.


@Leebo: That’s fantastic! Thank you! <3

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@Leebo Wasn’t there a thread somewhere about “23 people reach level 60 every month”? Only I can’t seem to find it through the search…

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Here you go

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Thanks for that.

Though… I remembered there being more stats in that thread than just the topic title…

Nope, sadly not. But I also love stats, so I hope, that they will publish some more :eyes:

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