What is the difference between "worry" and "worries"?

I know this might be a dumb question but I’m constantly giving the wrong answer in 心配事 as worry. To the point that I think I should create a topic about it, since I’m not an English native speaker.

Aren’t they the same? I already googled it but…


Essentially “worry” is a verb meaning “to feel anxious about problems”, whereas “worries” is a noun meaning “the problems that you are anxious about”.

“Worry” can also be a noun, but the usage is different.


Let’s be honest here: In the instances where there seem be some nuance in the English keywords that I don’t really understand, I just move on. I can “worry” about that later.


There’s no particular reason why 心配事 couldn’t be a singular thing that is worried about, therefore just “a worry.”

But usually when it’s used it’s something we would say in English with plural “worries.”


Thanks guys. Sometime I feel like I’m playing Wanikani on hard mode lol


I can totally relate! Sometimes I also get words wrong and I’m like “Honestly? Isn’t it the same?!!!”
But I guess that’s just the thing when you try to learn a third language in a language that is not your first one :smiley:


As has been said, you aren’t wrong.

“I have some worries.”
“I have at least one worry.”
“I am worried.”
“He worries.”
“Why worry?”

It’s used as both a verb and a noun rather interchangeably and there is no particular difference in the root-meaning. Concern is a good synonym yet it also has the same problem in the same way.
It’s rhetorical to define the verb as, “To worry” or, “To worry over a worry”, it just is what it is :slight_smile:


i mean, by learning japanese via a second language you are definitely playing on hard mode!


Best advice I can give is to start reading. That will give you a much better idea of how close you need to be on a definition.

For 心配事, there’s almost no way you’re going to mistake it for a verb when reading so “worry” would be a reasonable synonym to add IMO.


This is literally me.

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