What is slowing me down?

Hello everyone! WaniKani newbie here in search of an answer.

I used WaniKani for free for a good while, even after getting much of Level 3 to Guru (I think), This past weekend, I bought myself a year subscription since I’d been enjoying it and wanted to continue learning. However, since doing so, I feel like my speed has decreased significantly. I’m waiting 10+ hours to review a handful of words or kanji and I haven’t gotten any new lessons since I initially began my subscription.

What’s the deal? Do I have some secret kanji or radical that I messed up blocking my floodgates? Maybe something went wrong with my subscription and it thinks I’m still on trial?? A third theory??? I know I’ll regret this soon once I’m properly inundated by lessons and reviews, but I am still riding the high of passing N3 and I am ready to LEARN!

Thanks in advance!

You’ll get new lessons when you guru radicals or kanji, or when you level up by guruing 90% of a level’s kanji. You can guru any item in 3 days 10 hours if you get the item right each time and do them on time.

Do you have unfinished lessons?

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Ninja’ed by @Leebo. Same question, lessons waiting?

Also, review times are shortened for the first few levels. So you’re not going crazy - there are longer wait times before your apprentice reviews will come up again as compared to levels 1-3

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Nope, no lessons waiting. :frowning: The only thing waiting is me! Here’s hoping tonight’s reviews will Guru all of my level 4 radicals and send me on my way to more regular reviews. I think that may be the problem, I did too much of Level 3 before subscribing so I’m stuck in place until these level 4 radicals come back. Thanks for the help everyone!

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Install the Wanikani ultimate timeline to get your weekly forecast for Wanikani (100% accurate, unlike weather forecasts): [Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline

For installation instructions and other useful scripts, see: The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps


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