What is she saying?

Could someone please help me identify two words? They are from a scene in the movie リズと青い鳥 (starting around 1:15:16). I can understand the scene except the two words below:

「私、みぞれが思ってるような人間じゃないよ。 むしろ、**?**されるべき。」
Subtitle: “[…] You should hate me.”

Subtitle: “And you try hard.”

Thanks for any help!


I would say clip1: 軽蔑 => scorn; disdain; contempt​

clip2… hmmm maybe 斯う? or 請う? I don’t know.


軽蔑 = scorn for clip one, but the second I can’t make out either

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You made me think this was a verb hahah, why did you put that in kanji? That is kind of what I heard too. こうだ I think

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Well… I mean… if you want my honest answer then: because I didn’t realize that this is actually just こう and I thought it was a word I just had never heard before. I’ll remove that as a guess :wink:

I was very surprised to see these words even have kanji, so I don’t blame you


But I clearly hear a だ so grammatically it would fit, I think.

Correction, I listened on my phone and now I think it is this: コア

As for Mizore, her core is hard working. At her core she is hard working. She works hard.


Yes! Those make perfect sense. Thank you so much, it was driving me crazy! (I wish Jisho was smarter at matching similar words…)

You are awesome!

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could she possibly be saying 努力家?


I considered that too, but there’s a definite “o-a” transition which doesn’t match 家. (I was partly puzzled because it doesn’t even sound typically Japanese. Which makes sense since コア is a loanword.)

I’m not sure if a hear a o-a transition or not. I hear it when I try to. And I don’t when I try not to. The a isn’t very “bright” (i don’t know how to best describe it). It sounds in between a and o. But to me it sounds the same as the a in the だよ. So maybe the lack of brightness is because the line is delivered in a mopey or insecure voice or something.

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The second clip is 努力家だよ, per my girlfriend.

Maybe the だ is throwing people off?


Apologies for the lack of kanji. I’m not quite there yet、but I wanted to help you.
I asked my partner who is a native Japanese speaker to listen to the clips and tell me what was said then translate it.
Here are his responses –

Meaning、 I’m different from what you think.

みそれは どりゃくかだだよ。
Meaning 、You are the kind of person to put in a lot of effort.

Hope that’s helpful. :grin:


I’ll go with believing your native partners, so 努力家だ after all.
I found a clearer use of this word by another character (clip3), and although I still think there’s a pronunciation difference between the two, they are used in a similar situation, so I’ll attribute it to speaking style.

Thank you again, you are all awesome!


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