What In Sam Hell? Nothing Works?

I can type it in exactly and it says it is wrong. No sounds playing on vocab.

da what

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also typing “tt” gives me no っ

I’m not sure on the issue with your first problem, but this one I can answer: to get the small っ, you need to finish typing the kana that follows - for example, “tta” = った, “kka” = っか and so forth

Also, it’s “Sam Hill”. :stuck_out_tongue:


It should be accepting it with hiragana but you might try it with katakana. If you capitalize while typing then wanikani will put in katakana instead of hiragana.

That being said, and like I said above, hiragana should be accepted there so I have no idea why it isn’t accepting it.

If you managed to hit the space button before you typed the hiragana it may also mark it wrong.


You didn’t happen to have multiple WK tabs open, did you? That’s been known to mess with reviews in the past.

No problems here

@mods any comments?

Just a theory, but could it be a case of entering a dash instead of the long vowel symbol? (Not that I would know how to differentiate them, because very seriously, when I’m typing in Japanese, I use exactly the same key for both of them.) It’s just that I might have heard a issue like that being mentioned previously.

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Are you saying OP actually typed teAlt+0+1+5+1burunoue instead of te-burunoue?


How did you type all those keys? :laughing:

Seriously though, no. I just thought there might be different buttons for the two characters on whatever input method OP was using. Maybe I’m wrong and that’s not possible.


The <kbd> tag may be able to help you (I learned this trick from @Kumirei the wisdom wizard)


so its happening with everything


do you think it could be somehow related to resetting down to level 4?

Using any scripts?

yes but it persists when i turn off all scripts. oh and i think it is doing it only for lessons.

any idea which of these could be causing it?

Try turning off katakana madness (and make sure to refresh afterwards)


you damn genius. It was Katakana madness. How did you know?


People have had issues with it before


Thanks for letting us know.

Ah, good to hear you got it figured out!