What happens if [vacation mode during the week, turn it off during weekends]

Sort of back again…:worried:

I have been taking free intro grammar lessons on Meetup and feel like I am getting more out of it right now.

Tried to work on my 400 reviews after vacation mode today and only did 20 items. (Horribly without the scripts on mobile…I am forgetting some of it now…:sob:)

If I were to put WK in vacation mode during the week and then, turn it off during the weekends, would that mess up the SRS system?

With work and all, I have to go :snail: mode now…

Any tips? Has anyone tried this before? :thinking:

Turning on vacation mode messes with the SRS periods since you’re adding 5 days to whatever the SRS length is. That can turn a 2 day SRS period into a week SRS period, not what WK is for.

I’d recommend just stopping all your lessons until you get your apprentice count to <100 by doing ~30 reviews per hour when you can. Don’t do 100 in an hour because that will all come back eventually. Also try the WK apps for mobile if you dislike the website’s mobile design. I know of Tsurukame for iOS and some other one for Android.

Good luck!


Oh, good to know! Will definitely try out your tips. Guess there really is no going around it. And yes, I did not work on any lessons yet.

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uhm… wait… I used vacation mode recently for a similar case and it was not like that… I could turn it on and off as I pleased, even on the same day :thinking:

I think that Wanamu’s advice is the way to go, if you can answer those 20/30 items per hour and manage to follow the srs system again. If you have access to a pc, maybe you can try Reorder Buttons script to prioritize low srs levels (if you can’t follow the system, the delayed time will impact more on low levels).

In a recent experience, I had to use VM to crunch a pile of 700 items that was stabilized on that number for some months. My SRS system was totally messed up by then, and I prioritized going through these items that were waiting for too long. I only did this to refresh my memory for a first time, then I turned off VM 4ever and follow a strategy simmilar to Wanamu’s (but as my memory was refreshed, I could easily do a lot more reviews).

The way to go is to diminish lessons, and follow the srs with a steady controlled flow, doesn’t matter if it is a very tiny flow. If you can get a pc for lessons, with Lesson Filter script you can do less than 5 lessons per batch, may be after crunching that pile, you can control the flow a little more with this.

Good luck!!


In your case 100 is still a high number of apprentices. Don’t be afraid to stop doing lessons until the apprentices are below 50 or even lower. And don’t do more than 10 lessons at a time to avoid jacking up their numbers too high at a time. The bulk of your reviews are apprentices, so by controlling their numbers you control the number of reviews.


Oh that’s good! I guess it was changed at some point 'cause I never bothered to test what I heard on the forums.

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Yeah, I was flipping the vacation mode switch on and off everyday at one point, so that I could whittle down a huge pile of reviews I had built up, without it increasing. So it’s definitely not true that a waiting period is required.

Thats incorrect, you should delete this reply

Well, I ended up not doing any reviews after this. :woman_facepalming: Just too busy with work. Small steps, grasshopper…499 to go… :pray::sob:

Thanks, everyone!

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It happens a lot! Take your time, don’t burn out! You can do it :grin:

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