Going away for 3 months, do I holiday mode?

Hello, I am going to Korea for 3 months and will have no access to a PC (most of the time) but will have my phone.

I am worried that since I will be moving a lot etc I will not manage to complete my reviews each day and will mess up the SRS. should i use vacation mode? I am also worried to lose my learning during this period

I am sure there is no clear answer, but maybe someone has been through a similar thing?

thanks guys!

From my experience, what I can say is that whenever I was travelling in the past (in my case it was 3-4 weeks at most, for tourism only) I sometimes not even remembered about the existence of WaniKani. I had much better things to spend my time on than doing my reviews tbh :joy: After long days of exploring and enjoying the different culture, the last thing my brain thought of was about WK… so even when I would be ok to spare half an hour to do them, I would with all honesty not even remember they existed.

Since you’re going for 3 months, why don’t you use the first couple weeks to see how well you can keep up with your reviews? It doesn’t hurt to try, and if you see that you’re like me who forgets about it and occasionally lead things out of control, then turn on vacation mode I guess.
Good luck!


Vacation mode all the way. You’re not gonna enjoy your stay in Korea if you’re constantly worrying about squeezing time for wk.

Just get back to it in 3 months. Even if you’re rusty when you get back to it, SRS will do its job and you’ll be back in no time.



Yes, but.

Stop doing lessons 2-3 weeks before you go, so you’re not “vacation mode-ing” any apprentice or guru items. Those are the ones you’re going to have to do over again anyway after turning a short interval into a 3 month + interval.


Check out Section 10 of the Ultimate Guide:

It basically mirrors what @ctmf was saying about clearing out your Apprentice and Guru queue so that you only have long term reviews coming up and you can hold off on those while you’re on vacation mode.


I feel like it is a clear answer. Definitely vacation mode. If you find you do have time… just undo vacation mode….do some reviews….and pop back into vacation mode…no?
Also…have an amazing time in Korea!


You should definitely activate vacation mode. However if you should have some spare time and want to practice your WK items you can use ‘selfstudy-quiz’ in Flaming Durtles (on Android). I am sure that there is something equivalent on iphones as well.


I’m photocopying a few pages from a WK vocab notebook I keep (so the original notebook can stay safe at home) & plan to review the notes occasionally while in vacation mode for the next 3 weeks. Enjoy your trip!

Even though it goes against the consensus here, i would act differently. I’d try to clear apprentice and gurus items as much as possible and won’t do any more lessons. Then on vacation i would do reviews when on the toilet or right before bed for a few minutes. Just to stay in the flow. If you find that you could do more do 5 lessons every other day or so to have some progress.

This way you keep the spaced repetition and it’s easier to get back in again after the vacation.

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Yes. 10 characters.

I think my plan is to slow down on new lessons now, and completely stop them 2 weeks before I travel, then use Vacation mode for the first week or so, which will allow me to settle in etc, then try to work through the hopefully not too fresh items then on in, using vacation mode again if it doesn’t work


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