An SRS reset question

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I’m a heavy user of vacation mode to keep reviews always down under 150 review chunk sizes. I find it to be a very useful tool to keep things from becoming overwhelming, which keeps me more confident to tackle individual review sessions (I reset to 1 after hitting level 40 and now I’m almost 40 again [3 years baby WOOOO lol]). I had a really busy weekend and just got back to WK and realized that I never turned on vacation mode! My recommendation/wish/point of discussion is that I really wished that I can set back my SRS and reviews to a set point days prior where I would have between 100 and 150ish reviews instead of over 325. Does anyone else think this is a good idea? Are there third party apps that can do this?


They can’t retroactively enable vacation mode (API would not allow that) but an app with offline reviewing (e.g. Tsurukame) could be tricked into showing a smaller number of reviews by literally turning back the clock on your device…

Not sure what would happen if you did that after it became aware of them in the future though

I would highly recommend reconsidering how you’re doing lessons instead of trying to cap the reviews. If you pace yourself with the lessons, you’ll get between 100 and 150 reviews a day naturally. This is pretty much exactly how many I get, going at a pace of 3 kanji and 9 vocab lessons a day. This gives me an average level up time of 12-14 days. You can’t really expect to go much faster than that unless you’re willing and able to do more reviews.

If your daily review counts are too high, take some time just doing reviews without doing any lessons until the numbers drop. When things are more manageable again, I recommend doing 10-12 lessons a day if you don’t want your daily reviews to get higher than that range.

The way you’re using vacation mode sounds like it’s creating a lot of extra work for yourself because you’re actively trying to work against the way the SRS is designed. It’s also screwing up all of the review timers, which isn’t helpful for your memory or for helping you advance in WK. I think you’ll be a lot happier if you readjust your workload a little so that there’s less pressure on you each day.


you don’t actually need to change the clock… if you use something like flaming durtles you can limit the number of reviews to maximum number per session (same with lessons)… so if you use that app you can limit it to 125 for example and just don’t do new lessons until things settle down… good luck!!!

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