A Cautionary Tale

Vacation mode is a thing. Don’t forget to use it if you’re not going to have time to use WaniKani for a while. I got busy with life, completely forgot about it, and came back…to over 900 reviews.

That was several months ago, and only today, finally, did I get my review count down to 0. Having that many made it really hard to catch up – I never have the time or patience to go through more than 100-150 in a sitting, so problem words would get stuck in the pile for too long and I’d forget them by the time they came back up. It was a matter of whittling things down, getting the easy things burned so they stopped burying everything else. The frustration made me less motivated to study, so I’d go a couple days without and the reviews would be back to huge.

So don’t be me =) Use vacation mode if you get too busy, or you’ll be forever level 12.


I’ve been there too, so I completely feel you. Congratulations for digging your way out!

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I mean, technically vacation mode kind of ruins you too, but in another way. Really it’s just best TO NEVER EVER TAKE A BREAK HOW DARE YOU

(nice job making it through all those reviews, btw :thumbsup:)


Well done! And I agree, taking a break never works as planned.


It is known


Ok ok, I wont take a break.

slowly crawls to forums
I live here now.


Yes, it is known.

And from experience, very true. I shouldn’t have gone on vacation mode. There is no excuse for not WK’ing.

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Reminds me of the 1K+ review pile I just recently got rid of.
Took me about 2 weeks to clean the mess up after procrastinating for about 2 or 3 months.


I always advocate vacation mode if you won’t be around for a few days and definitely for more than that. Yes it will mess up your SRS but I strongly believe that the psychological effect of many hundreds of reviews is much worse.

You’re sure to get most of them wrong simply because of the stress from knowing there’s a large pile and that pile won’t go away for at least a week after you get it to 0 as all those ones you just failed repeatedly come back.


This. If I know I’m going to offline for even 24 hours or if I’m just having a really bad day–vacation mode. It’s not good to abuse it, but its good to sometimes step away from wanikani without the anxiety and work involved with coming back to it.


I accidently did the same thing, and came back to over 2000 reviews :sob:

So I asked to be bumped down about 5 levels, and now I’m finally levelling into new territory again. I won’t be letting that happen again. Vacation mode is your friend kids

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Big batch of reviews always triggers my berserk mode and I end up finishing them in one sitting, swearing like a slav during the process. I get angry that I let the reviews pile up so much, and it somehow helps me get through all this. I’m going abroad soon and I’m not sure if I’ll have time for WaniKani, but I’m reluctant to use the vacation mode. I think it’ll make me lazy and I’ll just enter forever-vacation mode… :confused:


My husband refuses to use vacation mode because in his mind he’ll “Put it on vacation mode and just never come back.”

I’ve used it before, when I was doing OT at work and it helped immensely…however now my SRS is all out of whack lol.

If your schedule is generally the same and you study at the same time of day each day, try and re-activate regular SRS mode sometime close to where you stopped it.

Don’t be a dum dum like me. Most of my reviews are now at 11 p.m. - 3 a.m. lolololol. It will even out eventually, but yeaaahhh.

Meant to only use vacation mode for the whole month I went to Japan/Philippines…

…and didn’t remember to undo vacation mode until mid April.

Still had about 200+ reviews when I unlocked it and guess what? Almost one third of it I forgot already! T__T But I picked it up after 3 days and now the ball is rolling steadily again!

Hopefully I never go on vacation anymore lol,

I went on vacation mode for just short of a year and while I had buttload of reviews waiting for me and I think lessons too, plus the disappointment of being level 21 and not 30 (I kinda forgot about the level reset - although I am reminded now that it was 100% the right choice, only annoyance being re-entering synonyms because I use them a lot, and notes).

Anyway I started off around 65% accuracy. Each day it increased until only a few days later I was back at 89-94% and now I’m at 94-100% (except on bad days).

I remembered a lot, honestly. And I don’t really remember it messing with my SRS, but I also wasn’t thinking about that or expecting it in any way, so idk.

I cycle between day (0730-1600) and night (1930-0400) shifts in my job, and recently I haven’t been able to carry my WaniKani day shift momentum onto my night shifts. So I’m currently at 902 reviews: but I get five days off when I go back to day shifts on Tuesday so I’ll clear it out then…

I’m level 55, and now abusing vacation mode. If I go away for 24 hours I get 300 reviews which is not very good. This last 5 level will take me forever I know, but I know enough kanji now to read anything also burned 1000 of it. So i think i’s allowed for me now to abuse vacation, or to never return to wanikani, I’m reviewing my kanjis by reading japanese books now.

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I wish I had read this a few weeks ago. I made the same mistake with Anki also.

This is unfortunately true. Damn you brain.

I have never used vacation mode although I shoud have because on one occasion the pending reviews piled up over 1,000, and several other times 400+. And it took me weeks to clear the stack.