Vacation mode = balance in life

Coming up on level 12 and WK has been a struggle. I work two 13-hour shifts per week (no lunches, no breaks) and on those days I get NOTHING done besides work. It was very discouraging to see my reviews climb by four or five hundred during that time, then a 努力 to get them back down, usually just in time for them to rocket back up. I didn’t even know vacation mode existed, then you guys introduced me to it and… is this what WK feels like for the rest of you? Yes, there’s effort, but I’m not buried. It feels comfortable. I can do this! I turn on vacation mode the night before my long days and turn it off when I get home and the difference is night vs. day. I’m back at harmony with the universe.


One thing to keep in mind: vacation mode does interfere with the SRS.

SRS intervals aim to quiz you just before the moment you tend to forget something. Vacation mode pauses the SRS, so if you do it for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, many items will be tested at sub-optimal moments, and it might hurt retention.

And if you don’t end up experiencing drawbacks, great! People know what works for them. Just wanted to be sure you’re taking everything into account, and not get a bunch of red screens down the line. :slight_smile:

Hope you can find that happy balance that works for you! ^^ I know that feeling of really not wanting those reviews to pile.


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