What happened to my userscripts?

Most of my userscripts like lesson reorder, review reorder and font change have stopped working after the new ‘update’ is anyone else facing these same problems?


The reason is the new site update. I am sooo angry at it right now, it has disrupted my whole study flow


It’s a known problem. The scripts that are still maintained by the creators are being updated in the next weeks. It takes time as they all do the maintainence as a hobby.


Great. All my scripts are broken because of a stupid update nobody asked for


And it looks sooo bad, like I get if we could see at least some improvement. But for now I see zero good changes and a dozen of the bad ones. Even compared to no-userscript Wanikani


Don’t be so negative, the update improved a lot of things behind the scene. The UI and navigation improved a lot. It will take a few days / week before your scripts will be updated, just relax and do you reviews the old way for a while


Or lose motivation to update. Sorry, but it may happen. Who knows what to troubleshoot and fix?


I’m sure there’s a lot of very useful things done behind the scene but most of the users cannot perceive them. And comparing the new update to the no-userscript Wanikani, it has gotten worse. I get that userscripts are just a hobby for most of their authors, so I’m completely ok with waiting for a bit. But I would prefer waiting with the previous Wanikani version a lot more.

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There’s always the possibility indeed :slight_smile:

Exactly. Or use one of the apps (Android and iOS). Tsurukame is still working perfectly, just tested myself.

For what I read there were some important updates to those who need some screen assistance and I think that was a good step towards more inclusion.


mine too are broken :slightly_frowning_face:
It would be good if they could keep both sites active for a while with a “new look” or “beta” toggle to try the new update and test against scripts.
But having done web application support for many years I know this is difficult and sometimes the best way is just to push ahead and keep the pressure on for others to catch up.


haha - sorry about that last post chief!
I was reading some other thread about broken scripts and it turns out that there already exists a
https://preview.wanikani.com/” that hosts the proposed update
These guys really are incredible!
Not like those lazy cowboy script writers :cowboy_hat_face:


Reorder Omega has been updated to work with the new pages. I know that it’s a bit more complicated than Reorder Ultimate, but you should know that there is at least one reorder script that works


I can’t for the life of me find information about how to fix the script so it works again. Can you point me in the right direction? I am so bad at studying consistently and this really messed up my flow.

Reorder Ultimate can’t easily be fixed. You can, however, install Reorder Omega instead

Yes that’s the one I’m using now. it wasn’t working earlier today or yesterday but now it is! thanks

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Let me know if you run into any issues. It still has a few problems to sort out since the update

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