User Scripts not working (2023)

Hi guys!

I am posting this seeking for help.

I am not that familiar with userscripts, or anything related to coding. But I have installed several userscripts to help me with my reviews here in Wanikani.

So earlier this morning I was doing my lessons when an update in Wanikani suddenly appeared.
I took a rest and got back on my lessons a while later. That is when I noticed that the userscripts I had before suddenly didnt work anymore.

The most noticable was the Hide Context Sentence Script. I noticed this first because this helped me a lot during the lessons. Then I noticed other scripts were also unavailable.

I tried the restarting my pc, reinstalling the script, searching for answers for similar experiences, but havent got any luck.

The scripts on the homepage and reviews are still okay.

Does anyone have the same experience?

Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Userscripts aren’t officially supported so they can and do break whenever WaniKani updates. It’s a risk you have to take when using userscripts.


Thank you. I get it. Im just wondering if this is also the case for other users and if they have a fix for this issue, that might help me.

OK, but you should put the month in the bracket.

It is also not working for me, so likely to do with an update on WK end and not something you (or I) have done or are doing.

It is working on the full vocab pages (if I look up a vocab word and go to the info page - where everything is all on one page), but it is not working on the pages shown during lessons.

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From what was mentioned here [Userscript] Reorder Omega - #894 by tofugu-scott, and comparing that to some of the open framework, I’m pretty sure any script that relies on open framework (at least the Menu module) or is configured to work properly when matching a “/lessons” url is going to be malfunctioning on the lessons page until a fix gets rolled out to adjust to these new changes. I just checked, and Hide Context Sentence does indeed fail the url match test.


I finally got mine to work again.

Im no expert in coding but what worked for me was matching the title for these parts…


…to what the link is showing above.

This is what worked for me and Im not sure if this is the case for everyone.

I apologise if the terms I used were wrong.

Anyway, problem solved. Good luck to all of us here in Wanikani.

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FYI - I saw in another thread that the script has been updated to address the change.