Wanikani's lack of improvement

So i want to start out by saying I do like wanikani quite a lot. However, am I the only one that has been super disappointed with the lack of upkeep on this app?

One of my main gripes is that to in order to improve the app and your experience you have to download all kinds of user scripts. Some of these user scripts are for basic things that wanikani staff should have implemented on their own ages ago. For example, I’m sorry but how in the hell does this app not even have a friggin dark mode option?! Nope, you gotta download a userscript for that. Every quality of life upgrade is left up to its own users to fix, and I think that’s kinda lazy and dumb.

Anyone else feel that way?


After the changes announced here a while back, I was optimistic that changes would be made to the site. After the backlash from those changes, they announced the summary page they butchered. In this announcement, they hinted at upcoming changes (reference):

Since then, no significant changes have been made. As you mentioned, so many people rely on user scripts to make the site usable it’s ridiculous. So, to answer your question, you aren’t the only one here who’s disappointed.


(Sorry to sound like a hater but:) Hard agree. The website on it’s own is very bare bones, scripts are the only thing making it usable. Seriously how can the basic website not even have an undo button? Or the ability to oragnize lessons? <-Although this may be fixed soon, but even then, that’s after WK broke reorder omega. And that’s another point: WK is constantly breaking scripts without adding said broken functions to the website. If WK ever stops supporting userscripts, I’m out.

/rant over


Other people put the point I’m going to make better than I can, so here you go:


As I understand, this one in particular is deliberate, because the WK staff is afraid it would be abused. Which is why they instead implemented check if the player entered meaning instead of reading or if the player entered the kanji reading for vocab reading.


As I see it, if people are going to make user scripts for it anyway, it’s better to at least make it a toggleable option in the settings.


I only use anki mode for script, nothing else

I dont see your point in “all kinds of user scripts”

anything else about reorder this, reorder that, is for speedrunners IMO.


Yeah. Also, in my opinion, the kana-only vocab should also be toggleable. I mean, I personally don’t find it annoying – on the contrary, those are useful words – but I can understand how people who already know those words and are here for kanji – can be very annoyed by them :sweat_smile:


I’m working on this in the form of a third-party app (shameless self-plug)!


I agree, it’s ridiculous to suggest the site is unusable without scripts. Works perfectly well without them.


The 50k installs of the WK open framework begs to differ.


Yeah there has definitely been a lack of improvement for sure. The only good thing they did was adding that extra study section. Though it would be really nice if they in addition adding a recent mistakes burned items section which myself and many other users have asked for.

If it wasn’t for Tsurukame I would have stopped using WaniKani. Tsurukame lets me block out the kana only vocabulary so I can just focus on the kanji and vocabulary that contain kanji as that was the whole purpose of WaniKani in my mind.

I find it weird they added kana only vocabulary when they don’t even have the full N1 kanji in here among other vocabulary.

I think a dark mode would look really good as well.


I used scripts when I used WK, but none of them were something I would have said the site was “unusable” without, so please take one off the counter.


In this case, I think how we define usability is different. I completely respect people who use the site without userscripts. If that works for you, awesome! It’s even better because you won’t have to adjust much when the site gets updated. However, the vast majority of people want to have a specific setup and workflow, otherwise, it’s simply unusable for them.

To put it in perspective, imagine the site had no CSS styling at all, and the review page was just a plain prompt showing a Kanji and a box for your answer. Sure, this might be enough for some, but many others need more than that, and that’s totally okay. Users come to the site with specific expectations and workflows, whether they use extra scripts or not. If the site doesn’t meet these needs, users might stop coming back. This affects the site’s overall usability. So, it’s important to recognize that these features, which userscripts readily provide, are crucial for many people to effectively use WaniKani.


Just not pleased to see my installation of something to add some extra little doohickeys to my home page, or add extra challenge with different fonts, being counted as evidence that I had the opinion WK was subpar.


I admit it wasn’t the best frame of reference for how people use the site. Still, in my defense, the individual misconstrued what I had originally said and alienated many people who use userscripts daily.

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I like WK a lot but I have to admit that coming back to it after a long break I was shocked that it had changed so little in comparison to other language learning sites or apps


And the fact that kaniwani exists as an entirely separate website doesn’t make sense to me for example


Agree. I would expect that a lot of those installations of scripts have been to add stuff that is fun or interesting, but not core to the application “working”. If not a lot, then at least 2 I know of (myself and you :slight_smile: ). I have several user scripts installed that add some interesting bells and whistles, but WK is not unusable without them. In fact I rarely look that stuff. E.g. Heatmap is cool, but not essential. Ultimate timeline is fun, but not essential. Of all the scripts which I use, the one that I appreciate most in terms of improving the experience is the context sentence hider. Nice to have, and adds to the experience, but not a deal breaker.

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Weird how other websites/apps with an undo button don’t seem to ever get reviewers saying that their learning was ruined by an undo button. Meanwhile WK users seem to always be complaining about how a typo or not remembering the exact accepted word has delayed their leveling/burns or is just frustrating in general.